Monday, December 3, 2012

Last minute hugs

This is it! Karee's new missionary blog. After viewing all the photos, Karee realized there were a lot of  people she wished she would have gotten pictures with.
Sis Pinkston and I

Sis Wallace, me, and Luci

Sis Peterson and I

Sis Syddall and I

Hayley and I

Me, Lisa, Ashley, Sis Carpenter, and Amanda

Kimberly and I

 Allison and I

Kyra and I

Mackenzie and I

Me, Jesika, and Dallin

Jesika and I

Sis Wallentine and I

Mathias, Lilly, me, Sis Nothum, Chase, and Ashley with Wiskers

Ronnie and I

Mrs Fraser, Macauley, and I

These sweet girls tried to ding dong ditch me treats, but "you can't ding dong ditch Browns".

 My brother and sisters ran them down and brought them back for pictures.

Sarah and I

Raven and I

Macey and I

Doesn't she have personality

Mackenzie and I

Klarie sandwiched in the middle

first picture of me as Sis Brown

second is best!

This has my name all over it!

Thank you silly ding dong ditchers and Sis Peterson!

Excuse my sideways pictures. I am still learning. I really did turn those pictures, but they had a mind of their own!
~Julie (Karee's Mom)~

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