Monday, June 24, 2013

This week has flown by!

This is Karee's new companion on the left, Sis Miller. Sis Buchanan is on the right(the tall one)

This week literally flew by! Seriously I feel like it just started!

Monday we spent grocery shopping, looking at a 2nd hand store, and writing letters. Later in the evening we went over to a less active's house with a young woman in the ward. We had a nice little visit. That family, like many families around the world is going through a lot. Sometimes it is good to just laugh a little. I was of course the one they were laughing at. I think I was a little tired and therefore a little slow. I would laugh at jokes a few seconds... maybe minutes after everyone had stopped. After all the laughing we ended with a Mormon message entitled, I hope you know I had a hard time. It makes me cry every time. 

Tuesday we were in Weston for Return and Report and a Sister's training. It is always so nice to meet up with a bunch of missionaries (especially the sisters) and then even better to be taught by our inspired mission president. We spent the whole day there.

Wednesday we did weekly planning for a good part of the day. It is hard because we want to be out teaching and visiting families, but we also need to be organized and have personal plans of how we can best help those we are teaching. 

Thursday we went and picked up food from the Bishop's store house to take to Golder. She is going to have a surgery this week and the compassionate service leader thought it would be nice for her to not have to go shopping. She also got a blessing from the elders. She was able to skype her husband who is still in Ghana so he was able to join us for the lesson and watch the blessing.  After the lesson the elder's car would not start. So instead of going to our next appointment right away, we went tracting. Tracting to find some jumper cables. It is crazy how many people don't have them! Including us... But after twenty minutes or so we were able to find a nice elderly man who was more than happy to help us out. Then we went to visit a family that just moved into the ward from Virginia. They are a part member family so we will probably work with them quite a lot. Then we went to dinner with a cute family. We left them each with personalized mission calls. They are our experiments on that so we will see how it goes. We tried to stop by a referral's house but she was not home.

Friday we had district meeting and then went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. It was different to have Chinese food. I didn't eat the rice though. Then we went with the other sisters to a woman's house who speaks Spanish. THen we went to a park to plan some between appointments. We had dinner with Sister Sanchez and then we went to talk to sister Blanco about members of the ward. She told us all about the families in the ward and then gave us food before we could leave. Luckily she let us take it to go. I love that lady!

Saturday we had another training. Language training. This is because the leaders have been stressing member missionary work and it is harder in language areas. Mostly because we don't know how to speak the language and relate to the people we are serving with as well as we would like. This training was in Cambridge, so I was back really close to my home! BOSTON! President Packard's Cousin who was a mission president in Chile. He is also a very successful lawyer (like my mission president). They were able to give us a lot of very useful information. I loved it. He talked about painting a picture in the minds of those we teach. Sometimes this is the best way to motivate us. Imagine you are in a place of peace and quiet. Surrounded by your children standing next to your husband, all dressed in white. Sealed to your family for time and all eternity. 

Sunday we went to church. We visited Nelsa, a woman who has gone through a lot including breast cancer. She really wants to be baptized but she needs to stop smoking first. We are going to work with her with a new seven day program that will help her. Then we went to dinner at the Andersons. They are currently serving as missionaries at the Bishop's store house. They were so nice and we were so lucky to have a home cooked meal with them. He reminds me of my grandpa Brown. He even sounds a whole lot like him. Then we went to a wonderful worldwide broadcast for missionaries. 

Sorry not very many pictures today. We had a Sister's training on Tuesday where we had a wonderful luncheon. At the end of the whole thing Sister Miller, Buchanan and I all realized that we were somewhat matching. We also sang a neat version of As sisters in Zion. I thought I'd share with you the words. I really liked them.
neat version of As Sisters in Zion! Click on picture to make words ledgible.

Calvin is getting ready to enter the MTC. He is going to Brazil but still waiting on his visa so he will be going to Provo. I am so excited because it is such a special place. He is going to love it!

It's pretty hot here now! Most houses we visit don't have a central air conditioning. But at least we have the cool of the car. 

I hope all is well! I love you all!

Love Sister Brown

2nd Week in Worcester!

Happy Father's day to my dad, to all the fathers and father-like figures. I sure hope you felt loved and appreciated.
Karee and her dad at the airport just before she left for her mission
This week has certainly been full of ups and downs. And lot's of downpours of rain!
We are working pretty closely with the Relief Society President, Sister Lachmann, and the Young Women's President Sister Williams (which just so happened to be the same name as the young women's president in the Boston ward). They are both really great!  It's really neat to be working with the ward. If I remember right they said something about having the missionaries become a part of the fabric of the ward in conference (I might be thinking of Stake conference). This means that we work with the auxiliary leaders to know who we should visit (less actives) and how we can best help the ward. Then we let them know about the people that we are teaching and how they can help us.
Sister Lachmann is from Taiwan and cooks some amazing food! We were over at her house helping her make 300 plus cookies to hand out for father's day Saturday.  The twist was that we made some chocolate chip cookies with bacon and some lemon spice jalapeno cookies. Wow talk about out of the ordinary. I liked the jalapeno ones, they weren't too spicy for me but it was a little different. I am not sure what the father's thought when they bit into those yesterday. But I think everyone liked the chocolate with bacon. Let me tell you I sure had fun cooking all that bacon. Sister Lachmann was taking pictures and laughing.
Sister Williams is super cute. She is a little older than me and is living here while her husband is finishing up his residency. She is pregnant with her first baby and is due in 9 weeks. We had lunch with her Friday to discuss plans for the girls and to have a very yummy pasta salad and watermelon. The crazy part was getting there. The GPS took us down a road that was... not really a road. There were potholes and puddles. Did I mention it was raining? Well it was so at one point it was like we were driving across a river. Don't worry I took a picture and a video. I can't send either of them today (sorry).
Last week after emailing we went and played soccer. It was a whole lot of fun and pretty wet! If you know me, I love to get wet! Running in the rain is the best! Grocery shopping when wet... not the best.
Thrusday- Rained again. We went around in the warmth of our red Toyota. We met a few families and taught a few lessons. Odell might have dropped us. It's really sad and we are not sure why, but her phone isn't working and she hasn't been home. We aren't sure what to do, but we will keep trying.
After it stopped raining we made our way over to teach a new member lesson to a little 8 year old. She was so full of energy and was super excited to pretend to be like a missionary. She taught us all about Joseph Smith and the 10 commandments. I was the oldest daughter until she remembered she had to have a companion, then I magically became her companion. After we left the lesson we met two young girls who were very interested in what we were doing. They asked lots of questions and then when we told them that we teach people, they asked us to teach them something. So we got a Book of Mormon (one for each of them) and then started looking at the pictures in the front. One of them said that she was going to keep the book forever and give it to her grandkids. It was so cute. When I asked why she just said, "because it's important." We met their parents but I am not sure how interested they really are. Their kids were very cute though.
Friday- Rained a lot... I am so glad we have a car now. Sister Miller kept asking how we would get around when it rained. it's simple actually... we just walked.  We had lunch with Sister Williams. Then we met a sister Rivers. She has gone through a lot. I am always amazed at the faith and the diligence of people who go through a lot. Then we met the Bhatty family. They are from Pakistan. A family of 4 girls and 1 boy. We had originally gone to meet the youngest who is 13. Sister Williams didn't know much about her because she doesn't really go to young women's. We found out that she is one of the sweetest happiest girls ever. She has down syndrome, but she blossoms. They offered us some Pakistani treats which I thought were delicious. I can't remember what they are called though. I just know that it was good.
Saturday- We spent most of the day serving. Making cookies for father's day, helping a member with one thing or another, and getting things ready for Sunday. We also taught a lesson to Golder (an investigator). She is going to have a surgery soon and so we took the Compassionate service leader to see what all we could do to help lighten her burden while she is recovering. It was very special to see and to hear this sister explain why we were so willing to help her. We are only trying to do what Christ would do and help when we can. That is a major part of what we believe. This sister brought up thing after thing of ways that we could help take care of her and her children. She was very grateful. I grew up in the church and I have been able to see that the sisters are always there willing and ready to help in any way that they can. They love to serve. I am so grateful that I have had the examples of my parents who are always so willing to help when someone is in need.
Sunday- No rain! Happy Father's day!! It was a great day! I spoke about how my dad has taught me so much and how willing he was to do things for me. Like paint my toe nails and braid my hair. I really appreciate how willing my dad was to bless my life with love and service. How he was always worthy to hold and use the priesthood to bless my life.
We also went on a few visits, but the big part of the afternoon was when the Hispanics all got together for a fireside. We are trying to make a branch with all the Spanish speakers in this area. We know how important it is for them to feel a part of the ward but also that they should be able to go to a church that is in their own language. They are excited to be growing and we are excited to be helping them.
 I'd like to say a little about fathers. To me a father is a symbol of safety and strength. I always looked up to my dad and wanted to make him proud. He tells me he loves me. He works hard to provide. When I am with him I always feel safe. He has always lived as an example to me. He is worthy to hold the priesthood and he loves my mom.
 I know that I have been blessed with the father that I have, but even more than that I know that I have a Father in Heaven. A Father that literally is always there. He will listen to all my problems, worries and fears. He wants to hear about my successes and my joy. He has provided me with an opportunity to learn and to grow. He wants the best for me and He wants me to become like Him. He is not only my Father, but He is a Father to all. He created a plan so that each of us could learn and to grow and become like Him, because He loves us.

New Place, New People! Same spirit! Same church!

Hola from Woostah,

I think that is how you pronounce it. It is definitely different than any other city that I have been in. Worcester is way more peaceful that Boston. The houses are more spread out and the streets are smaller. It isn't as diverse as Boston was, which means there aren't as many opportunities to speak Spanish.

The ward here is actually a ward much like the Boston first. The English and the Spanish are together. But in this ward the Spanish members have to wear headsets during sacrament meeting. They have their own Sunday school and then they have translators during the third hour. I was one of them. It is hard to translate, but I really like it. I try to translate while the person is still talking. I am sure a bunch gets lost and what I am actually saying doesn't make sense,but they appreciate it. They definitely don't expect me to be able to speak Spanish. Which is really quite fun!

This week... well it has been a week of complete transition. Tuesday was a little tough knowing it was my last day there in Boston. I hated the feeling of knowing I was leaving. I knew that I was going to be going where I was supposed to be going, but I have never been good with change and though my mind was on board with leaving and doing what the President asked, my body was feeling sick and nervous. I ended up asking a member for a blessing of peace. It was amazing. It was my first Spanish blessing and I was able to understand every word. The best part was the peace and the love that I felt. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father, of this member and of the love of my mission president who had spent so much time on his knees praying to know where to send me. It is amazing to be living in a way that i just go and do when I am asked and yet I know that I am where Heavenly Father needs me most. 

Thursday I met my companion, Sister Miller. She has only been out for one transfer so I will be helping to finish her training. But she has been in the area and will be my chauffeur for the next few weeks. We have a bright red Toyota corolla. I love those cars. Sister Miller didn't know any Spanish before her mission and has been picking up very nicely. She is 5th of 10 children. She is from Sugar Idaho and was at BYU-I before her mission. We also took a few more pictures at transfer meeting. I now have two "great-grandchildren" so we had to get a new generation photo. I also got a few with sister Wagner and sister Garcia. This is sister Garcia's last transfer. She is training once again. I also got a picture with sister Gomez. 
Sis Garcia and karee
Sis Wagner, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

Worcester... Well it's different. I have been trying to get used to what everything looks like and how to get to different members' houses. The first few days here we have just tried to get settled and get around. I have met a few of our investigators. Two of them are English speaking. Both from Africa. And both of them were at church on Sunday. 

We are living in a nice apartment with the sisters who are serving in the other Worcester ward. They are there serving in English. Sister Buchanan and sister Hobs. Sister Buchanan came out with me and sister hobs just got here. They are actually shot-gunning because the sisters used to cover both first and second ward. 

Yesterday I met quite a few members, not only at church but we also went to their houses. Each one of them fed us... I was very full! I think we are going to have to break the habit of feeding the missionaries every time we go to their house because my stomach will not be able to handle all of that. But I tried some Brazilian food and some new kinds of papusas. 

I love you all!

love always,

Hna. K. Brown

My new address: 
285 Plantation St. # 312
Worcester, MA 01604

Time to say goodbye to Roslindale!

Sis VanWagnen and Karee as twinners!

It seems as though my time has come. Saying goodbye cannot get any harder than this! I feel like I have only just gotten here to Boston and figured out how to use the buses and how all the cities connect. I guess that means it is time to get me out of my comfort zone and let me meet some more wonderful people. I am going to be transferred to Worcester. I have only heard good things about this new place. Like how my apartment is going to have a gym, or how I will have a car now, or that my district leader's uncle is in the ward. I have also heard that there are more Puerto Ricains there. Which is going to be fun because I can understand Dominicans, but when Hno. Anleu was imitating what they would sound like... I had a hard time understanding. I guess I just need to keep learning the different accents. Sister Hileman is getting transferred to Martha's vineyard but she will be speaking english.  
The Anleu family and Karee(He is quite the jokester)!)
Sis Hilleman(getting transferred to Martha's Vineyard), Bro Gomez, and Karee

Tuesday- After emailing we went and had some lunch with Sister Gonzalez. Then we went on a hunt to go find some people. It was really quite hot, but we were able to find one elderly member and made a return appointment for her. Then we walked to Roxbury to meet up with a potential investigator. We needed to get that walking in after the lunch that we ate (it was A LOT!) We met up with Fabio who is from Cuba. He used to be a doctor, but is now writing medical articles for a newspaper. The Matos family met up with us and we went to a McDonald's to teach (it was the closest place). The lesson went well and we will see how the teaching goes, but his schedule is a little hard to work with because he doesn't actually know when he is free until later. 
The Matos family, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

Wednesday- We had a really good lesson with Eridania. Sister Packard and her daughter Angela came. Sister Packard served her mission in Uruguay, so she knew a little Spanish and could mostly understand. Angela is taking Spanish right now and could say a few things, but I was the translator for the majority. This was very interesting and I am sure there were a few things that got lost, because I am by far, not fluent and definitely not perfect. We talked about miracles and how both Eridania and Angela were both living proof that miracles still happen. We read parts of Moroni 7 with her (which is a wonderful chapter). It talks about how miracles haven't ceased and that by faith do they happen. If you substitute angels for missionaries... it is very touching (at least for me). I cried a little during that lesson. Just because I love her so much. It's hard for me to fully express myself and why I want her to understand what I am trying to tell her. Sister Packard thought this was a fun experience for her and for Angela and they are planning to come out with the Spanish sisters more. We also had a really good lesson later with sister Montero after some delicious Peruvian dinner.

It looks like my time is short this week. Sorry. But I do want to share an experience I have learned from. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see the fulfillment of two scriptures "whom the Lord calls, He qualifies" and that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass". How? Well, I am honestly not that good at Spanish. I can hold a elementary conversation and can, for the most part, understand what people are saying to me. But to be a teacher? No way. How could anyone learn anything from me? Well, I have been called. And though I have a lot to learn, I can see that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the words that I need to say, when I need to say them. This doesn't mean that I don't struggle or pause, because I do. This doesn't mean that I stop studying, it makes me want to study more. This doesn't mean that Heavenly Father is going to stop me from teaching the Gospel. In fact, it is quite the opposite. He has actually given me the opportunities to teach some of the most important lessons. Not just about baptism, but about eternal families and the important steps to make the covenants with God in order to get back to Him and live with their families forever. I was able to teach temple classes to a few families in the ward. Not only were the lessons taught (because we all know that it was the Spirit teaching) but I was able to grow closer to the members, the Lord and I was able to remember some of the covenants that I have made and the importance of them. I am in no way qualified to teach such great things, but with the help of the Lord, I can.

 Also I am just a small thing. An instrument in God's plan for these people. Through me as a "teacher" these people are preparing to make covenants that will bind them together as a family forever. That is a great thing. A really great thing. 
I am but a small thing, but Heavenly Father has called me so that He might bring great things into the lives of others to complete His plans for them.

Love you all!
Sis. Brown

Saying goodbye to everyone!
Ashley and Karee

Gomez Family and Karee and Sis Smith

Sister Aldous(her husband is the mission Dr)  and Karee

Ashley,  Gomez girls, and Karee

The Shortell family, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

The Romero family and Karee

The Baez family and Karee

Sis Salas and Karee

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Week of May 27, 2013

Monday- It was a really nice chill day. We stayed inside most of the day. But when we decided to go out, the weather decided to change. It poured! We arrived at our appointment with the Matos family WET!  Brother Matos talked to his family and us about missionary work. He said that he is more than happy to go out with us and help teach. He is such a sweet man. He bought roses for each of the sisters and made sure we got enough food to eat. Did you know that Ketchup tastes good on plan rice? Guess that is how the Dominican children eat it. I had to try it... and it wasn't all that bad.
Tuesday- ZONE CONFERENCE! This means... leave early in the morning, drive for... a long time, get to a chapel early. Take some pictures on a rock with some mission friends and pretend to roast marshmallows around the fire pit. Go inside eat some cereal. Sit and listen to a lesson/training by the assistants and a counselor in the mission presidency. There is also a musical number somewhere in there. Take some crazy inspired notes only to find they are going to email you the presentation. Get fed a delicious meal of cafe rio style burritos. Play a fun know your mission game. Listen to president talk about the missionary handbook and more specific rules.... I love him more and more each day. (His daughter is in the hospital again, she is getting a new treatment that will hopefully cure her or at least stabilize her condition.) Zone conference went from 9-5.... so we used the rest of the day to plan and prepare for our split.
Karee, Sis Wagner, and another missionary friend
Wednesday- We went to the Children's hospital to see Angela and wish her happy birthday. She was doing a whole lot better. She was talking and walkling around and she was so happy. Splits with the sister trainer and her companion. I went with sister Kendel. She is from Tawilla (I have no Idea how to spell that) Utah. Before we split we went over to Eridania's house where we watched the Testaments (at least the first 20 min.) then the sisters picked us up for our split. Sister Kendel doesn't speak any spanish so I did a lot of talking. We went to Sister Reyes to work out some of the visiting teaching assignments and update some records that we have. Then we went to the Baez family. They are preparing to go to the temple to be sealed as a family. So we had a discussion about temple covenants. After sister Baez fed us. Yummy rice salad and some beautiful Flan. ( I got the recipie!!)
Mission president's daughter, Angela on her birthday. Sister missionaries went to wish her a Happy Birthday!

Celebrating a birthday with Angela!

Sister Baez Beautiful Flan
6 lg. eggs
1 can sweetened condensed milk
1 can evaporated milk
1/2 tsp. Vanilla
Blend it all together in a blender.
Melt some brown sugar in a pan until it is all liquidy. Smear it on the bottom of a 8x8 pan. Fill a bigger pan (9x13) with about an inch of water. put it in the oven at 400 until the water starts to boil. Pour the batter into the 8x8 pan with the brown sugar and place it in the pan with boiling water. bake for 30 mins
She topped it with cherries and mandrine oranges. DELICIOUS

After dinner we went back home where we planned a little and I packed a small overnight bag. Then we went to the weston sister's apartment. I got to sleep with a panda blanket. 

Thursday- Being on splits is weird... everyone speaks english. We went on a few member visits. One of which had a very hungry dog who would NOT stop licking me! I wasn't sure if i should try to tell the family or if I should just let it lick my legs. We were sitting at a table and I didn't know if it was just acceptable for the dog to just lick... so I just let it. Eww. We picked up the two Packard children from school (Natalie and Michael) They are both such good kids. Michael shared his wisdom about Boston. "Using your blinker is a sign of weakness." He is such a funny kid. For dinner we ate some Russian beet soup with biscuts. Much different than any of the Hispanic food I eat, but it was good. 

Friday- District meeting. This means we come together as a district. The two Spanish sisters and the Spanish elders. We sing in Spanish... or at least we try. Then we talk about our investigators or the less active members that we are working with. We had lunch with a member who insisted on buying us both an apple pie and an ice cream cone at McDonald's. We listened to his conversion story and he shared one of his favorite books about inspirational stories. After he gave us a bag that had bananas and strawberries and cookies. Delicious. Later that day we had two member visits, the Henriquez and the Pelosos

Saturday- Spanish Group Blitz! This means we start with a breakfast and when the ward members are late we help the English members clean the chapel. Then an hour later we eat breakfast and discuss who is going where. I ended up going with sister Vargas and sister Van Wagnen to a few less active's houses. We told them how much we love them and how much we miss them. At one house we were fed some lunch, which was so wonderful. I like orange juice a lot and I think that every home has them. I am pretty lucky! Later we went to Eridania's to see if she was feeling any better. We took her some flowers which she loved! She told us more about her life. (She has had three open heart surgeries!) Oh did I tell you it was raining all day? It was also super windy! So on our way to the Monteros we got soaked again. Don't worry that wind and rain won't stop us, we just get pretty cold. We shared president Monson's talk about being obedient. She really liked it. I forget how many funny faces he makes while he is walking. I guess I really wore myself out because I was starving when we got home. I ate three whole zucchini, SUPER random craving but it turns out that they taste really good when they are steamed and served over saltine crackers. Yum!

Sunday- Church was really good. Sister Montero was there! After church we went to visit a few families before going over to the Peloso's house for dinner. We made one of my favorite meals, Creamy Pasta Bake. But we used angel hair instead of the spiral noodles. While sister Peloso was teaching sister smith how to make some cake, I talked with the 10 year old daughter who told me that she had never been baptized. She wants to be baptized and we are going to start working with her. 

Monday- we went to the temple bright and early. I saw Megan Boudettes (note from mom: this was Karee's first roommate at BYU)mom! What a small world. She was super happy to see me and started to cry. Then we went over to the university sister's house and hung out with a bunch of sisters. 
Sister missionaries at the temple with mission president's wife in the center

Next week is transfer meeting, I will find out if I am getting transfered on Friday night. P-day will be on Wednesday so I will let you all know when I can. 

Love you all!

Love, Hna. Brown

Week of May 20th

Hello to my family and friends,

I am not really sure what is going on in the rest of the world as far as weather.  I have heard of snow in Missouri, 90 degree weather in Utah and some pretty heavy fog near a volcano in Costa Rica- thank you Kamber and Trevor, enjoy your time there! Lots of rice and beans I am happy you are getting a taste of the culture. This week was actually really nice. Spring has sprung! Though I think sometimes it forgets and it goes back to a chili day.
Karee's sister Kamber and her husband, Trevor are in Costa Rica for a vacation. This is the volcano she is talking of.

Monday was super nice weather. We played Frisbee and soccer at the park again. As well as some spring cleaning at the house and some shopping for our bellies. We taught a fun lesson at Noche de Hogar (FHE) with a couple families in the ward (the Gomez, Matos, Hno. Mandoza, Martica and her three kids, Hna. Guzman and Hna. Ganzalez. We used an analogy to keep their attention (thank you to the little helpful book from sister Wallentine! I will be using that a lot more!). We talked about the priesthood authority that Jesus established on the earth when He was here. Then we talked about how it was taken from the earth after the people rejected him and his disciples. At this point all the lights were off and the candles representing the priesthood authority were blown out. There was no light. We talked about the restoration of this priesthood and what it means to us now. It was actually really neat and the kids payed attention. PLUS no one got burned! A little wax on the table and my skirt, but no harm! 

Tuesday was a pretty good day as well. We found where to go to not have to walk a lot! When we don't have appointments with people we are teaching or members we do a lot of finding. We are trying to find out if they have moved or where they have gone. We want to let them know that we haven't forgotten them and that we still love them. We were able to connect... at least it connected in my mind, how the cities connect and how I can get from place to place more effectively. We were able to meet the parents of some of the members in our ward and set up a return appointment to meet with Hna. Gomez's daughter and granddaughter. Then we went to the Montero's for dinner. Hna. Montero is from Peru and has been a member for a while, but for one reason or another she has been inactive for a few years. I was able to have Peruvian food for the first time on my mission. Delicious. Rice based, with some meat and vegetable sauce to go over top. We had a very special lesson with them. We shared chapter  10 from Daughters in my Kingdom with Hna. Montero and her three daughters. They were touched by the message of the Relief Society. My testimony too was strengthened as we talked about our different responsibilities and privileges that are ours as women in the Relief Society. 

Wednesday we stopped by the Monteros' once again to drop off copies of Daughters in my Kingdom for each of them. We also shared a message about prayer and the power of prayer. They were very appreciative that we would give them part of our time to share with them and help answer the questions that they have. Then we traveled (oh the joys of living in a city... that we don't have to go too far, but public transportation can take a while sometimes). We met up with a woman the elders have been teaching (who is actually going to get baptized soon) to have her come on a visit with us. We went to the Anleu's house and shared a similar message as the night before about the purpose and responsibilities of the Relief Society sisters. Sister Anleu talked about her experiences with how the Relief Society sisters helped them after the death of their daughter (10 years ago). It was really sweet and tender, something I don't think that they share very often. After that lesson we said goodbye to Mercedes and went to grab something at subway then off to a lesson with the Diaz family. They are recent converts of a few months. It is just the mom and the 16 yr. daughter that were baptized, but they are solid and are wanting to be examples to the rest of their family and they are doing great! We then WALKED some more and went to Osvaldo's to set up an appointment because his phone wasn't working. That's what we do! When we can't get ahold by phone, we walk and find them.

Thursday We went early in the day to Osvaldos house. He tried to get his 4 yr. niece to dance a traditional dance for us, but she was too shy. Talked to him about the Plan of Salvation and what that means to us. Then we went to copley square to meet up with Wilmer (an investigator who came here by himself from Guatemala) He is taking lessons to learn english. We talked about the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. He has been reading the Book of Mormon! YAY! and he had some really good questions. Then we went to the Anleu's (again!) for dinner. They helped us out quite a bit with a few names of people we had never met. They are such a great couple who have studied and learned for themselves that the gospel is true. Hno. Anleu had me order a book from Deseret book ( the power of an everyday missionary) over the phone. It was pretty entertaining for them to watch me try to translate their zip code... for some reason, even when he said it in English, I could not get it right. Then we went WALKING to go find a member and found she had moved. Then we WALKED some more to Martica's house were we helped Julio with his homework. He has been here only for 4 or 6 months and so he hasn't quite picked up on the English. I am sure it has to be really hard for him. They also got a new little kitten and we had some fun playing with that cute little thing. They gave us some sandwiches to take home, ice cream and some Gatorade. These people are so loving and giving!

Friday we had district meeting and then (because we had a surprise visit from sister packard) we had some delicious snacks on the way to the train station to meet up with sister Anleu (fourth time if you were wondering, we stopped by on Monday night briefly) to help her with her visiting teaching. She is such a cute lady. She is pretty short (yes, shorter than Hannah R. and all of my companions. I would say about Kelcey's height.... maybe Klarie's)(these are Karee's sisters) She goes to about my elbows... maybe a little taller. We had a wonderful visit and were offered soda and a pastel thing. On the way to our next appointment I was told that I have a funny accent. Then he asked "Are you from Ireland?" I am not sure what it is but I have had a few people ask that..  I know I don't have an Irish accent but I didn't think I sounded foreign? Then we went to a less active family, the Peloso family. They talked quite a bit about their culture and their background. They are from Argentina and so they were more than happy to talk about their country and sister smith was super excited. We are going to be going back over there twice next week. Once to compare dinner recipes and then again for dinner. YUM!

Saturday was lunch with Patricia and her daughter Trinity. They are quite the entertainers. Trinity sure likes to talk. Then we did a bunch of stop by's....WALKING! Not very many people were home. We ended the day at a wonderful place.... ICE CREAM SHOP! If you ever need a good place take me and I will show you!

Sunday was regional conference, which was a broadcast. Sister Linda K. Burton spoke as well as Elder Perry, Elder Packer and another member of the seventy. We listened to it in Spanish... which was fun. I took notes in English though... not sure how that all worked out. Then we went out with the Relief Society president to visit a few women in the ward. Only two of which were actually home. Lovely when that happens. Sister Allen brought dinner for the missionaries at the church and then we had  a fireside by Hno. Paredes. He is so wonderful! It was about true conversion. I love it when the members of the ward are motivated to help the missionaries. Those notes I took in Spanish. I am making progress!

Well that's about it for me... i think this week is going to bring some rain and thunderstorms.... who know's maybe it is because we need to have the members realize how fun it is to go out with us. Or we are needing to shower more... or learn how to be prepared for all weather and know where to find some new umbrellas. Either way... I love spring weather. I love Boston. I love the people here! i love being a missionary!

Remember Mormon 5:23- You are in His hands, He is taking care of you, don't try to hop out. 

I love you all!

Love always, 

Hna. K. Brown

Ps a few funny things that happened this week:
I was asked if I was single by a random man passing by... that's always a fun one. Don't worry, he was just joking...  I think. 
I saw a man holding a plastic bag with a nice natural snack bar smooshed up against a doughnut. 
We were told it wasn't going to ran until 8 that night then we left that member's house around 3 and it was raining.
Karee with Sis Garcia and Sis Wagner on their way to the Boston Globe tour
Karee and some of the other sister missionaries took a tour of the Boston Globe one Monday(P-Day)

This is a mold made out of lead used to do the newspaper

This press goes about 25mph

These are robots that are very self sufficient. They even plug themselves in when their batteries are low.

Old printing press

Ate at some members home and were fed so much. Karee wrapped 2 fried plantains in a napkin and realized no pockets! Thank goodness for scarves!

She shared with the sister missionaries in her apartment!