Monday, June 24, 2013

New Place, New People! Same spirit! Same church!

Hola from Woostah,

I think that is how you pronounce it. It is definitely different than any other city that I have been in. Worcester is way more peaceful that Boston. The houses are more spread out and the streets are smaller. It isn't as diverse as Boston was, which means there aren't as many opportunities to speak Spanish.

The ward here is actually a ward much like the Boston first. The English and the Spanish are together. But in this ward the Spanish members have to wear headsets during sacrament meeting. They have their own Sunday school and then they have translators during the third hour. I was one of them. It is hard to translate, but I really like it. I try to translate while the person is still talking. I am sure a bunch gets lost and what I am actually saying doesn't make sense,but they appreciate it. They definitely don't expect me to be able to speak Spanish. Which is really quite fun!

This week... well it has been a week of complete transition. Tuesday was a little tough knowing it was my last day there in Boston. I hated the feeling of knowing I was leaving. I knew that I was going to be going where I was supposed to be going, but I have never been good with change and though my mind was on board with leaving and doing what the President asked, my body was feeling sick and nervous. I ended up asking a member for a blessing of peace. It was amazing. It was my first Spanish blessing and I was able to understand every word. The best part was the peace and the love that I felt. I felt the love of my Heavenly Father, of this member and of the love of my mission president who had spent so much time on his knees praying to know where to send me. It is amazing to be living in a way that i just go and do when I am asked and yet I know that I am where Heavenly Father needs me most. 

Thursday I met my companion, Sister Miller. She has only been out for one transfer so I will be helping to finish her training. But she has been in the area and will be my chauffeur for the next few weeks. We have a bright red Toyota corolla. I love those cars. Sister Miller didn't know any Spanish before her mission and has been picking up very nicely. She is 5th of 10 children. She is from Sugar Idaho and was at BYU-I before her mission. We also took a few more pictures at transfer meeting. I now have two "great-grandchildren" so we had to get a new generation photo. I also got a few with sister Wagner and sister Garcia. This is sister Garcia's last transfer. She is training once again. I also got a picture with sister Gomez. 
Sis Garcia and karee
Sis Wagner, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

Worcester... Well it's different. I have been trying to get used to what everything looks like and how to get to different members' houses. The first few days here we have just tried to get settled and get around. I have met a few of our investigators. Two of them are English speaking. Both from Africa. And both of them were at church on Sunday. 

We are living in a nice apartment with the sisters who are serving in the other Worcester ward. They are there serving in English. Sister Buchanan and sister Hobs. Sister Buchanan came out with me and sister hobs just got here. They are actually shot-gunning because the sisters used to cover both first and second ward. 

Yesterday I met quite a few members, not only at church but we also went to their houses. Each one of them fed us... I was very full! I think we are going to have to break the habit of feeding the missionaries every time we go to their house because my stomach will not be able to handle all of that. But I tried some Brazilian food and some new kinds of papusas. 

I love you all!

love always,

Hna. K. Brown

My new address: 
285 Plantation St. # 312
Worcester, MA 01604

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