Monday, January 28, 2013

week of the 18th-January 2013


Wow this week has been absolutely wonderful!

Mostly because Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to speak to us on Tuesday night! It was amazing! He is such a powerful speaker! I will copy the notes and send them  home to share... though it will only give you an idea what I learned. It was still super awesome! He dedicated three buildings.

Yesterday, I worked with Elder Austin and Elder Spratling to understand preterit vs. imperfect tense. We read Joseph smith's first pray (the hymn) and then we found the verbs and separated the two tenses. It was really interesting because when you think about the different tenses you have to understand what they are trying to say.

I was a host this week!! This means when the new missionaries arrive, i am one of the sisters that helps the new sisters around. They told us that around 660 missionaries were coming in. That means there were going to be a hundred cars every 15mins. Can you believe that! That is a ton of missionaries! I met 10 sister missionaries who are going to Boston too!! They are all English speaking, but it's neat to know that I am not the only one. While we were standing in line to host, we started talking with two sisters who are going to Hong Kong speaking Cambodian. I am so glad that I am speaking Spanish. It is relatively easy... There aren't different tones or different pitches. And it is or should be easy to pronounce. The sisters taught us a mini lesson in their language (totally gibberish) and then we tried to them a lesson in Spanish. Sometimes when I teach lessons I forget all my Spanish... Actually this happens a lot of the times. I was only able to host two sisters. One is on my same floor and so I am going to be seeing her a lot... also she is going to Boston. The second was in a different building and she is going to Hawaii. As a host I try to make them feel welcomed. I help them take their stuff up to their room, drop it off and then take them to get their books and then drop them off at their new classroom.  It was super fun!

Throughout the day I saw Lexi Picket, Jake Wallentine, Carrielyn Jensen (I am not exactly sure if this is her name, but it is the one that you told me was going to be coming in last week), two girls from the TR program at BYU, and Tabitha Wagnor.  I feel refreshed and inspired after seeing and hearing Elder Holland and then seeing all these new missionaries. I love it!!

Karee and Jake Wallentine(from our ward in Springfield)
This is Karee and Tabitha Wagoner. She is from Branson. She just entered the MTC on the 20th(I think)

You might be wondering what is going on... why the health office called. It was funny watching the lady talk to Calvin because I could just see Calvin pausing and not knowing what was going on. So I have had a bump on my right heel for a while now. Sister Seaborn told me that I should go in to have it looked at. So I did and he wanted me to see a specialist soon... They got me in for later that day. So we got to go on our first "field trip" to go see the podiatrist. My appointment was at 10:20 at the health center. At 2:55 we caught a shuttle. The office of the padiatrist is in the same business area of sister Davis's office. I was secretly planning to go find her. The doctor said that It is a heel spur... a bone growing because increased pressure caused by "the worst foot type" as he said. He said I am going to be getting more of these throughout my life on different parts of my foot. He said that surgery will be needed eventually, but that he wouldn't suggest now because I am on a mission. (He also told me to tell Grandma Brown thank you for the feet). I am going back Monday to get little sleeves for my heels to take the pressure off of them... hopefully it works!

Hermana Jarvis and Hermana Huskinson waiting for the shuttle to go to the podiatrist
OK... until next time! I love you!


Hermana Brown

ps. that letter from dad to elder Hunter made his Day... actually the whole time he has been here. it was a  highlight and he has been so excited to write him back! He has been asking questions and seems really interested. So good work dad! If your can, get kelcey and klarie and you too mom, a motherly figure would be neat I think! to write him... he likes KU kansas university Jayhawks, and basketball. He lived in Hawaii so you have things to ask about that.

Dearest Family and Friends-January 4, 2012

Dearest family and friends,
There is so much to say!
This week has been full! Though not in the usual way. We were told that there was a flu going around and then on Monday night it was announced that we were not to shake hands or give hugs (to the sisters don't worry). I thought wow that is really bold this must be serious so I decided to be obedient and not. I didn't realize how hard this would's super hard! I also made it a point to use hand sanitizer. but with all my caution I woke up Tuesday morning (the new years first day!) feeling not so well. I am happy to say that my companions took care of me. i didn't want to admit that I was sick and so I went to early gym with them and went to personal study in the class and language lab time, but looking at the computer made me nauseous. By lunch I knew I had it and I knew I needed to not be spreading it. So I had a handful of saltine crackers (same a breakfast) and some Sprite. My companions were so sweet to go back to the residence and study while i napped. I guess another sister was sick and they brought her in so that my companions could go to class. i slept for most of those three hours. They made a couple announcements over the intercom about a meeting for the Zone leaders about how to take care of the sick. They also changed the devotional that night, not canceling it but broadcasting it to the classrooms instead of being in the large gym. my companions came and told me that there were 7 total in our zone who were sick. That the cafeteria was really quiet. They also made the announcement that if you were sick it was ok to be left in your room alone...something that is NOT supposed to happen because you are always supposed to be with a companion. This was kinda a big deal! Anyways i was able to rest all Tuesday (joking with myself that my body was trying to get me on a new diet for the new year). After the devotional (which sadly i had to miss along with all of that day including class) my companions came and asked if I wanted a blessing. i did! I am so very grateful for worthy priesthood holders who were so willing to come and give me a blessing. In the blessing, the elder said that i would feel absolutely better when I woke up in the morning. He also talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. How He not only suffered for my sins, but that He suffered for me sickness and knew how I was feeling right then. And of course I was absolutely better in the morning! i did stay in my residence for Wednesday being considerate of others so that they would not get sick either. It was hard because I knew of other missionaries who hadn't waited for a day after all symptoms were gone. So i missed 2 more classes! Coming back yesterday was super hard! I was super excited to be back and super excited to be learning again but i had missed out on learning and had a hard time not feeling behind. Don't worry i am not feeling discouraged! Class ended up being great! and the teacher went back and explained conditional again, thank goodness we are in the MTC where we are blessed with the ability to learn because there is no way I would be able to get the concepts otherwise.
Sunday- my companions and i taught district meeting about the Book of Mormon and it was pretty neat! i love hearing others talk about their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how they gained those testimonies. I also had them do an activity that i want everyone to try and that is open to a random page and point to a random verse and apply it to yourself. it works! Everytime! The Book of Mormon was written for us! specifically for us and so it can be applied to us! (hopefully this activity makes sense)
Also a couple people pointed out that I was in the Church news... at least my picture was. i am sending a copy home.
Sunday night- Susan Easton Black came and spoke to us! Loved it!! And guess what... she is married! one month married and still glowing!
Monday- Hermana Valdez, one of our many substitute teachers for the breaks (actually I kinda consider her as one of our teachers) was teaching about our purpose and it was more like an "ah-ha" moments for me. like wait I am actually a missionary! I am actually called of God to teach! I have the power and the responsibility to bring others to Christ!! pretty neat.
Karee and Hermana Valdez
Tuesday- sick
Wednesday- feeling great but stuck in my room. I started reading the Book of Mormon in Espanol... took me long enough to get into it.. Can you believe I've been here for a month!?!?! i can't it does not feel like it!
Thursday- back in class! Learned about the conditional tense (Would do something). Our teacher Hermana Haglund got back from her Christmas break!! i was so happy for that!  I also got to see Grandma and Grandpa Brown!! THey ate dinner with me and my district! They all love them already. i think that they feel like they are theirs too!
Grandma and Grandpa Brown and Karee
Today- p day! laundry and letter writing and THE TEMPLE!! I am so happy it is finally open agian!!!
The missionaries need your prayers!! A lot now!
LOve you all!
Hna. Brown
letters coming

Fun Times at the MTC

These are just some fun pictures Karee has sent. Thought it would be fun to share that they do have fun.
(I wish I knew how to flip these pictures upright. Sorry!)This is Hermana Huskinson doing a jig!
Karee and companion hanging out in the room. I think this is when they had the flu. Notice the gatorade on the desk.
These are all the hermanas leaving the MTC on February 5. I believe all of them will go to different places.
We hope this wasn't her do for the day!
I think this was on Preparation day! I sure hope so. Quite the do, Karee!

Having some sweets during the Christmas holiday
During Christmas, the hermanas made a gingerbread house.       

Karee and Elder Roylance practicing tying ties!
They had an enrichment activity where they learned how to sew on buttons!
They have cleaning responsibilities and as you can see Karee tries to make it funny.

Hermanas getting some shut eye!
Elder Hales being funny!    

Hola Family-January 11, 2012

Dear Family,

Has it really been a week already?!?! I am so sure that it really hasn't. Time is going by so quickly... It's already been over a month! I am not so sure i am ready to leave. i don't want to leave. But we have finished learning all the spanish grammer and we are starting to review. Tomorrow my companions and I are teaching ir+infinitive.

The snow was just starting to melt. Then we get out of class last night and it had snowed 4 inches or so. It is really beautiful!

This week has been so fantastic it is going to be hard to get everything in... but I will try.

Hna. Haglund our teacher is back! I was glad that she was able to go home (Chicago) for the holidays, but I sure missed her! We found out on Tuesday or Wednesday that we have a mutual friend!! Helen Hitimana! How crazy is that! I had written Helen and mentioned Hna. Haglund last week. Hna. Haglund gave me a hug and then said, that was from Helen. i was in shock! It was so neat and now we have that connection.

Hermana Haglund and Karee (still haven't figured out how to flip pictrues)

This is Karee and her friend Helen at Helen's graduation at BYU (spring 2012)Hermana Haglund and Helen know each other too.

Yesterday I went all day 9-9 speaking only spanish! Well there were a few times that I spoke english, like when I saw grandma and grandpa brown (they dont speak spanish and when we had our companionship study to plan for teaching our new investigator Erendira) It was hard but I can DO IT!

Erendira (difficult to say sometimes) is from Mexico, has a daughter named Rosa, is 25, She cannot read! that makes it a little hard. She is Catholic and lives with her ex-boyfriends parents (rosa's grandparents). We have taught 3 lessons total now. but the best was BY FAR the best lesson we have ever taught! We taught about how God loves her. In the end she prayed. It was such a good prayer. she was wanting to know if God was really there really listening to her prayer. I was touched and started crying actually. I really love that lady. I love teaching!

Hna. Haglund shared His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox... I have heard/read that talk a bunch but this time it meant more because I was a missionary... I am going to copy that entry from my journal to share.

Mission conference was pretty neat. President Brown was not released, but they did speak. He spoke a lot about the atonement.

I am asking Elder Spratling is telling me what has happened this week. We are besties now. We sit next to each other in class and we bump codos (elbows) kinda like bumping fists. The other day he was telling a story about 4-wheeling and how there was a hose in the road, I couldn't comprehend that there was a water hose in the road so I asked what a hose was. That was pretty funny. We sure have a bunch of laughs here.

We got a new district!!! With 4 new sisters!! But I got released from my uncalling calling as the RS coordinating sister. I guess I was only supposed to have that assignment for 3 weeks just to understand how to lead, but they liked me so they kept me in for a bit longer. So now Hna. Jarvis is the RS. Coordinating sister and she stresses alot. There are two 20s , 19 and 22. pretty neat.

These are all the hermanas(sisters) that will leave the MTC Feb. 5th.

This is a picture of Karee and her companions and her teachers, Hermana Valdez and Hermana Haglund.

I have to go.. I'll write!

All my love!!   Hermana Brown

Karee, isn't she so cute! I just love her hair!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown called on a mission to Sweden!

These are Karee's grandparents. She got to see them in the MTC. This is very unusual since you don't get to see family while you are serving a mission. Karee was so excited to see them the first time they came to the MTC. They got special permission to have dinner with her. Now when she sees them in the halls she just gives them a hug as she is only supposed to speak spanish. So obedient! We love that about Karee!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown, I am so excited to hear about your call to Sweden! I got your dear elder after dinner on the 26th and looked around for you as much as I could but I don't know where your tutoring is. I won't be here in March, but maybe we can see each other on days that you are here for tutoring? When is that? I met a couple who is going to the Stolkhom temple to serve and I told them to keep an eye out for you. I also met a couple who is waiting for their visas to go to India. I told them that you have gone a couple times before. They said that they have been here for quite some time. Hopefully they get their visas soon.

Happy birthday Dad!! Getting close to 50!

Christmas was so great here!

Journal entry from December 30, 2012

Karee sent some of her journal entries and I thought I would share bits of it that were inspiring. We are so proud of her and her desire to do what is right.

     I just taught in district meeting with my companions. We taught about the Book of Mormon.
This is everyone in Karee's mission district
     I felt really bad because the other hermanas wee planning all day, but I have had meetings all morning. I knew this would happen, but it's hard to prepare my part when I don't know their plans. Also, I have a hard time balancing studying for my investigators and myself during personal study time. I have tried reading in Preach My Gospel about the Book of Mormon. I've put the effort/work in, but I felt like I would have done more. It helped that it was the Book of Mormon.(Honestly I lucked out!)
      I decided to entitle my part of the lesson as "So What?"
     Hermana Huskinson started out with the keystone of our religion.

Hermana Jarvis, Karee, and Hermana Huskinson
     Hermana Jarvis spoke on how it completes/testifies with the Bible.They did a good job, lots of scriptures, but I noticed a few things: Elder Hales was distracted and most of the Elders were tired.
    Hermana Huskinson talked about how it testifies of Christ.
     Revelation came to me on how I should teach. 1) I needed to include them so much more than just letting them read. 2) I needed Elder Hales to re sight the first vision. He had been working on memorizing it.
3) I needed to boldly testify. While Hermana Huskinson was doing her part, I started to organize. I knew I had some Book of Mormon quotes in my Book of Mormon. I looked through it. The Hermana Huskinson finished.

This is Karee's mission district with her teachers. I know one of the teachers(the one with glasses-Hermana Haglund)

    I started in on my activity. Putting pressure on the Book of Mormon, mostly in faith.
    I asked Elder Domin to randomly open his scriptures and point to a verse. He found Helaman 5:22.
    I assigned groups and asked them to find personal application.
    I was really surprised with the things they found/applications. They really took it seriously. I wrote them all on the board. I had asked Elder Hales to share and he did great! Before I told the class to think about the power and meaning of what he was saying. I then shared that rarely does God and Jesus appear. Yet I knew that they appeared to Joseph Smith. I shared Mormon which talks about Mormon seeing our day.

    I without thinking much before shared my testimony. I said that I knew the Book of Mormon was written for our day. I said Elders' names and said, "I think this scripture will help Elder Spratling with his investigator." I used a couple of more names.
    I know what  I said was true.
    That activity shows great faith in the Book of Mormon. Wow, I believe it testifies of Christ. I know it was written for us and we need to apply it to ourselves and we can.
The effects of this activity testify that it is true!

Pretty sunset!
This was a great day!
                                                Love always, Hermana Brown

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Snow!
December 28, 2012
Doing some back tracking . Just received a package of letters that were supposed to go to her sister, Kamber's house since we were going to be in Utah.
Sometimes during class I get distracted looking out the window watching the snow fall.
I like this coat, even more with this name tag on... I still do not feel like a missionary.

Dear family and friends,

Are you getting these emails? I only kinda know this email address...hopefully it is the right one.

Sunday Sister Brown's daughter in law came and spoke. It was really neat. Her daughter who is 18 played the harp for us. I wish I could play something really cool like that. Sunday night Stephen B. Allen came and spoke about the gift of repentance.

Christmas eve we had a nativity play along with musical arrangements. I am always amazed by the talents of others and the ability that music has to bring the spirit and teach me. After wards we watched a Christmas Carol. They had bags of caramel popcorn for all of us. that they brought out in big trash bags.

Christmas day was really cool. I loved the Missionary Survival kit!! It was unexpected for sure. I am glad I waited to open it until Christmas. I had fun trying to guess what the gift was. It was so neat that you would take the time to print those off, wrap all of those gifts and spend the time. Thank you!

Also Kamber! Those treats were yummy! The pillow case is possible the cutest ever! Thank you so very much!

We are making progress with our investigators! Pedro is a 16 year old (our teacher acting like a 16 yr. that he actually taught). He just agreed to be baptized on the 25th of Jan. I am pretty excited but we still have a bunch to teach him! Also the language is coming, but it takes time. sometimes I walk into a lesson and totally forget all the Spanish that I know. It comes back though no worries.

Olson family! Thank you so much for the package! It was so thoughtful of you to send me all of those things! I am wearing the earrings right now and planning on the scarf later. I love the pictures and have been showing everyone. Evalyn is SO cute! Thank you for thinking of me and for sending them to me.

Do you have any questions? I feel like i have so much to say during the week but when I get to PDay i can never remember what i wanted to share. I will probably write a better hand letter so feel free to share that.

Thank you for all the dear elders. I love hearing about how everyone is doing!

All my love!

Karee is in the MTC sister missionary choir. This was in the Church News. Can you see her on the bottom?

Hermana Brown

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Christmas Day! December 25, 2012
Kare opening her stocking Christmas Day!

some sister missionaries dressed up for Christmas (Santa and Rudolf) Notice the big red nose

Lights at the MTC. There was snow for Christmas!

Karee's MTC survival kit

reading letters

a pillowcase made by Karee's sister, Kamber. Love it!
Christmas Day Pictures!
Pictures from Karee's camera

These are pictures taken the day she went into the MTC. She had her sister Kamber take her around to see everyone in Provo. Don't you love her new haircut! Kamber cut it the night before she entered the MTC. What a nice sis!
This is Karee, her bishop (Bishop Davis) and his wife

Kamber, Trevor, and Karee

Awesome friend Courtney Chandler at BYU from Springfield, MO

Kamber, Karee, and cousin Lindsay Williams at BYU

Michal Savage(friend from BYU) and Karee

Karee and cousin Lindsay

Karee and Hannah Rackham(friend from BYU)

Natalie Pennington(friend from BYU) and Karee

Merry Christmas!

December 25, 2012

Dear family, friends and loved ones,
I want to take this time to reflect a little on what I have learned on this day that we celebrate the day of Christ's birth.
Born of Mary, in humble settings, a baby came into the world. I don't know of many births of which the angels sing, but of this birth, the heavens rejoiced. Angels appeared to shepherds and many came to adore the new born babe. Wise men from the East came seeking the child. Following the signs that had been given of His birth. Wise men and women of today still seek after Him. Though I am just a girl, a young woman of 21, barely starting off in the world on my own, I wish to be seen someday as one of the wise. One that has sought after the Lord and Savior of the world.
I love the testimony that Jacob shares in Jacob 4:4 about why he was writing, "That they may know that we knew of Christ, and we had a hope of his glory many hundred years before his coming..." Like Jacob I want all to know that I too have a knowledge of Christ. That He was born humbly in a stable, that He lived a perfect life going about doing good, blessing and healing the sick and afflicted, then on that dreadful evening He took upon Him our sins our afflictions in the Garden of Gethsemane. And that He indeed died for us because He loves us. I know that all that is unfair in life (unexpected death of loved ones, sickness, sorrow...) can be made right through the Atonement. I know that the power of the Atonement enables us to overcome challenges to allow us to become true disciples of Jesus Christ. I know that the Atonement is the greatest evidence of God's love for us. Because God so loved the world He gave His only Begotten Son. I know that through the Atonement Christ doesn't just make up the difference of our imperfections, but that He makes ALL the difference. I want to say that I do know that our Savior "was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities; the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed." (Mosiah 14:5). I am so grateful for my knowledge of the Atonement. I am overwhelmed by the love that the Savior would die for me, so that I could live to die and die to live again forever! I love the Gospel of Jesus Christ!
Con amor,
Hermana K. Brown
PS. Russell M. Nelson came and spoke with his wife!!! I'll tell more about this in my email or letter on Friday!

The Crazy MTC Schedule

Karee's name tags on her coats. It says"Hermana(sister in spanish)Brown

Dec 14, 2012
I am sorry I didn't get this entered sooner. We went on vacation and I forgot the passwords for the blog. So I will be catching up alot of Karee's letters in the next few days. Receiving Karee's letters are so rewarding as she is so enthusiastic and positive. We appreciate her diligence in keeping us up to date. We will miss hearing from her on Christmas, but know she is having a wonderful experience.

Dear Familia,
  Que pasa? Just wanted to let you know some bad news. I won't be calling on Christmas day because there aren't enough phones in the MTC(Missionary Training Center) to accommidate for all missionaries. I still love you and wish you a very Merry Christmas
    I found I will be in the MTC until February 5, 2013, 9 wks. I am happy because it is so GREAT!
   Alright, who wants to hear about the crazy MTC schedule?
Mondays and Wednesdays
6am-6:30am-wake up, pray, shower, get dressed, fix hair, etc
7am-breakfast (there is so much to choose from-cold cereal everywhere, hot breakfasts pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage pretty much whatever
7:30-10:30am-We go to class (class is with our group-small branch they call it which there are 3 sister missionaries-me, Hermana Huskinson, and Hermana Jarvis and 5 elders

Karee, her companion Sister Huskinson and the other elders in her branch


Sister Jarvis, Karee, and Sister Huskinson (she is in a threesome)

Sister Huskinson, Karee, and Sister Jarvis(look at Karee's glow)

Our teacher is Hermano Brown(ha ha-there are many Browns). He only speaks Spanish with the exception of making better explanations and the last hr called coaching is where he works on a specific task that we have questions on
10:30-11:30-personal study(study scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and prepare for teaching our investigators
12:25 1:15-Gym. Usually we play volleyball, but there is also 4 square, basketball, and an indoor track
1:15-1:45-prepare for next activity, shower, get dressed
2:00-3:00-(Mondays only)we have workshops which help us better understand Preach My Gospel and our purpose.(Wednesdays)we go to the computer lab for language study

3:00-3:30-additional study time. Usually used to prepare a lesson
3:30-4:30-language study time. Used to practice vocab for lesson, and translate words we want to use
5:15-6-Mondays-computer lab(wed)additional study time
6-9:30-Class again.

class time
Sometimes we prep again for lesson more, speak with other teachers, and get specific advice. Go teach for 45 mins., recap lesson, what went good, what needs help, pray(Oh by the way, this is our 15th prayer or so for the day)
9:3010:15-back in residencies to read, schedule, get ready for bed, pray as companions, journal, personal pray
10:15- quiet time
10:30-Lights out
Tuesdays and Thursdays
gym is in the morning so we get a sack breakfast at 6:30am. I workout on machines while watching the Joseph Smith movie and mormon ads.
We also have a devotional Tuesday nights
my preparation day-do my laundry/write letters/email at 7:30
go to the temple 1:30

this is what letter writing and journaling looks like

these are some of the missionaries on their day to go to the temple(Provo temple in the background)

This is the Provo Temple         
I have like 5 meetings. 2/3 mtgs before and during breakfast. Then off to Relief Society(womens Sunday class)
12:30- Lunch
1:15-district meeting
3:00-sacrament mtg.
a couple of more meetings
7pm-MTC fireside
8pm-review of past firesides