Monday, January 28, 2013

Journal entry from December 30, 2012

Karee sent some of her journal entries and I thought I would share bits of it that were inspiring. We are so proud of her and her desire to do what is right.

     I just taught in district meeting with my companions. We taught about the Book of Mormon.
This is everyone in Karee's mission district
     I felt really bad because the other hermanas wee planning all day, but I have had meetings all morning. I knew this would happen, but it's hard to prepare my part when I don't know their plans. Also, I have a hard time balancing studying for my investigators and myself during personal study time. I have tried reading in Preach My Gospel about the Book of Mormon. I've put the effort/work in, but I felt like I would have done more. It helped that it was the Book of Mormon.(Honestly I lucked out!)
      I decided to entitle my part of the lesson as "So What?"
     Hermana Huskinson started out with the keystone of our religion.

Hermana Jarvis, Karee, and Hermana Huskinson
     Hermana Jarvis spoke on how it completes/testifies with the Bible.They did a good job, lots of scriptures, but I noticed a few things: Elder Hales was distracted and most of the Elders were tired.
    Hermana Huskinson talked about how it testifies of Christ.
     Revelation came to me on how I should teach. 1) I needed to include them so much more than just letting them read. 2) I needed Elder Hales to re sight the first vision. He had been working on memorizing it.
3) I needed to boldly testify. While Hermana Huskinson was doing her part, I started to organize. I knew I had some Book of Mormon quotes in my Book of Mormon. I looked through it. The Hermana Huskinson finished.

This is Karee's mission district with her teachers. I know one of the teachers(the one with glasses-Hermana Haglund)

    I started in on my activity. Putting pressure on the Book of Mormon, mostly in faith.
    I asked Elder Domin to randomly open his scriptures and point to a verse. He found Helaman 5:22.
    I assigned groups and asked them to find personal application.
    I was really surprised with the things they found/applications. They really took it seriously. I wrote them all on the board. I had asked Elder Hales to share and he did great! Before I told the class to think about the power and meaning of what he was saying. I then shared that rarely does God and Jesus appear. Yet I knew that they appeared to Joseph Smith. I shared Mormon which talks about Mormon seeing our day.

    I without thinking much before shared my testimony. I said that I knew the Book of Mormon was written for our day. I said Elders' names and said, "I think this scripture will help Elder Spratling with his investigator." I used a couple of more names.
    I know what  I said was true.
    That activity shows great faith in the Book of Mormon. Wow, I believe it testifies of Christ. I know it was written for us and we need to apply it to ourselves and we can.
The effects of this activity testify that it is true!

Pretty sunset!
This was a great day!
                                                Love always, Hermana Brown

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