Sunday, January 6, 2013

Pictures from Karee's camera

These are pictures taken the day she went into the MTC. She had her sister Kamber take her around to see everyone in Provo. Don't you love her new haircut! Kamber cut it the night before she entered the MTC. What a nice sis!
This is Karee, her bishop (Bishop Davis) and his wife

Kamber, Trevor, and Karee

Awesome friend Courtney Chandler at BYU from Springfield, MO

Kamber, Karee, and cousin Lindsay Williams at BYU

Michal Savage(friend from BYU) and Karee

Karee and cousin Lindsay

Karee and Hannah Rackham(friend from BYU)

Natalie Pennington(friend from BYU) and Karee

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