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The Crazy MTC Schedule

Karee's name tags on her coats. It says"Hermana(sister in spanish)Brown

Dec 14, 2012
I am sorry I didn't get this entered sooner. We went on vacation and I forgot the passwords for the blog. So I will be catching up alot of Karee's letters in the next few days. Receiving Karee's letters are so rewarding as she is so enthusiastic and positive. We appreciate her diligence in keeping us up to date. We will miss hearing from her on Christmas, but know she is having a wonderful experience.

Dear Familia,
  Que pasa? Just wanted to let you know some bad news. I won't be calling on Christmas day because there aren't enough phones in the MTC(Missionary Training Center) to accommidate for all missionaries. I still love you and wish you a very Merry Christmas
    I found I will be in the MTC until February 5, 2013, 9 wks. I am happy because it is so GREAT!
   Alright, who wants to hear about the crazy MTC schedule?
Mondays and Wednesdays
6am-6:30am-wake up, pray, shower, get dressed, fix hair, etc
7am-breakfast (there is so much to choose from-cold cereal everywhere, hot breakfasts pancakes, waffles, eggs, bacon, sausage pretty much whatever
7:30-10:30am-We go to class (class is with our group-small branch they call it which there are 3 sister missionaries-me, Hermana Huskinson, and Hermana Jarvis and 5 elders

Karee, her companion Sister Huskinson and the other elders in her branch


Sister Jarvis, Karee, and Sister Huskinson (she is in a threesome)

Sister Huskinson, Karee, and Sister Jarvis(look at Karee's glow)

Our teacher is Hermano Brown(ha ha-there are many Browns). He only speaks Spanish with the exception of making better explanations and the last hr called coaching is where he works on a specific task that we have questions on
10:30-11:30-personal study(study scriptures, Preach My Gospel, and prepare for teaching our investigators
12:25 1:15-Gym. Usually we play volleyball, but there is also 4 square, basketball, and an indoor track
1:15-1:45-prepare for next activity, shower, get dressed
2:00-3:00-(Mondays only)we have workshops which help us better understand Preach My Gospel and our purpose.(Wednesdays)we go to the computer lab for language study

3:00-3:30-additional study time. Usually used to prepare a lesson
3:30-4:30-language study time. Used to practice vocab for lesson, and translate words we want to use
5:15-6-Mondays-computer lab(wed)additional study time
6-9:30-Class again.

class time
Sometimes we prep again for lesson more, speak with other teachers, and get specific advice. Go teach for 45 mins., recap lesson, what went good, what needs help, pray(Oh by the way, this is our 15th prayer or so for the day)
9:3010:15-back in residencies to read, schedule, get ready for bed, pray as companions, journal, personal pray
10:15- quiet time
10:30-Lights out
Tuesdays and Thursdays
gym is in the morning so we get a sack breakfast at 6:30am. I workout on machines while watching the Joseph Smith movie and mormon ads.
We also have a devotional Tuesday nights
my preparation day-do my laundry/write letters/email at 7:30
go to the temple 1:30

this is what letter writing and journaling looks like

these are some of the missionaries on their day to go to the temple(Provo temple in the background)

This is the Provo Temple         
I have like 5 meetings. 2/3 mtgs before and during breakfast. Then off to Relief Society(womens Sunday class)
12:30- Lunch
1:15-district meeting
3:00-sacrament mtg.
a couple of more meetings
7pm-MTC fireside
8pm-review of past firesides

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