Sunday, December 16, 2012

It's already been a week?!?!

Hola Familia,

It's hard to believe it has been a week already. At the same time it's hard to believe that it has only been one week. I guess I should mention that I actually won't be calling home this Christmas because there is no way the MTC could possibly provide enough phones for all of us. Sorry :( I was looking forward to calling but its ok.

Sunday was absolutely AMAZING!!!! as RS coordinating sister i have more responsibilities. I had 3 meetings before Rs at 9 and then 2 other after sacrament meeting. I am excited to be serving! I guess the best way to explain what a RS coordinating sister is that I am the RS president for my ward/branch. This means that i keep tabs on all the sisters and let the branch president know how they are doing and if they need anything. i have only sent him one letter reporting and he said that it was really good, hopefully i can surpass myself and do better next time. For Rs we had Sister Reeves of the general RS presidency come and speak. She was amazing! She reminded us to keep a sense of humor so that we can laugh at ourselves. which after a humbling experience on Tuesday i can really see why it is important. She also pointed out that everyone that is here on earth has excepted the Gospel, they just forgot. Their spirits desire to come back. Sacrament meeting was really neat too. We are asked to prepare a 3-5 min talk each week (in Spanish) to give it president Bowen invites us up. This will be the first week that he can call on us to speak. I haven't written my talk yet but it is supposed to be on Faith in Christ. I have a feeling that I am going to be asked to get up... I'll let you know. Later that night we had a fireside where the byu men's choirs came and sang. I absolutely loved it!! The music was so neat! After that we watched a devotional given by Elder Bednar about the Character of Christ. It was life changing! Basically it was about how when we focus on becoming like Christ, we become converted.

Our investigator's name is Rebeca. She is 22, from Mexico, and believes in God but doesn't see the need for Christ in her life. Even though she is a teacher and she already knows the truth and what we are going to be teaching her I was amazed by how real it was for me. i truly loved her and wanted her to accept what we were teaching her. She did commit to baptism and said she would come to Church with us this weekend but we actually aren't going to be teaching her any more. She is going to be our teacher!!! Our other teachers name is Hermano Brown (which can be kinda confusing for me because there isn't that much difference between hermano and hermana).

Tuesday i was very humbled because we prepared one lesson and she ended up taking the lesson somewhere totally different. Basically i realized that I can't expect to go in without studying the vocab. I could have answered if it was English but because it was in spanish I couldn't. I wish that I could better express to her my love for her and my knowledge that we are children of God and that He loves us.

I suggested to my companions that we start each lesson with a song. It was amazing how that song (I am a Child of God and Families can be together forever) brought the spirit! It made me feel better too!

I shared with Rebeca what I knew and I was able to do it in spanish!

If you ever, ever have questions, doubts, or problems (Si usted jamas, jamas tiene preguntas, dudas, or problemas, Yo se que Dio esta alli, El le conoce, Y El le ama!!)
I know that God is there!
He knows you
and He loves you!

she was really touched. I hope that this knowledge is something that you are able to learn from and come to rely on as well!

Sorry about not having pictures to add. I really did try. I guess I have to have a disc reader like the black one at home to add pictures I am going to check at the book store and if they don't have one can you send that one to me?
Also, Dear Elder letters are awesome! I can get those everyday and have them to read and then I can have more to say in this weekly email.( Get on to write letters to Karee. They are printed off and put in her mailbox the next day.It is like getting mail, but just not sent through the US post office)

Out of time, send dear elders I can get those every and any day!!! love them!

love always
Hermana Brown

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