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Dearest Family and Friends-January 4, 2012

Dearest family and friends,
There is so much to say!
This week has been full! Though not in the usual way. We were told that there was a flu going around and then on Monday night it was announced that we were not to shake hands or give hugs (to the sisters don't worry). I thought wow that is really bold this must be serious so I decided to be obedient and not. I didn't realize how hard this would's super hard! I also made it a point to use hand sanitizer. but with all my caution I woke up Tuesday morning (the new years first day!) feeling not so well. I am happy to say that my companions took care of me. i didn't want to admit that I was sick and so I went to early gym with them and went to personal study in the class and language lab time, but looking at the computer made me nauseous. By lunch I knew I had it and I knew I needed to not be spreading it. So I had a handful of saltine crackers (same a breakfast) and some Sprite. My companions were so sweet to go back to the residence and study while i napped. I guess another sister was sick and they brought her in so that my companions could go to class. i slept for most of those three hours. They made a couple announcements over the intercom about a meeting for the Zone leaders about how to take care of the sick. They also changed the devotional that night, not canceling it but broadcasting it to the classrooms instead of being in the large gym. my companions came and told me that there were 7 total in our zone who were sick. That the cafeteria was really quiet. They also made the announcement that if you were sick it was ok to be left in your room alone...something that is NOT supposed to happen because you are always supposed to be with a companion. This was kinda a big deal! Anyways i was able to rest all Tuesday (joking with myself that my body was trying to get me on a new diet for the new year). After the devotional (which sadly i had to miss along with all of that day including class) my companions came and asked if I wanted a blessing. i did! I am so very grateful for worthy priesthood holders who were so willing to come and give me a blessing. In the blessing, the elder said that i would feel absolutely better when I woke up in the morning. He also talked about the Atonement of Jesus Christ. How He not only suffered for my sins, but that He suffered for me sickness and knew how I was feeling right then. And of course I was absolutely better in the morning! i did stay in my residence for Wednesday being considerate of others so that they would not get sick either. It was hard because I knew of other missionaries who hadn't waited for a day after all symptoms were gone. So i missed 2 more classes! Coming back yesterday was super hard! I was super excited to be back and super excited to be learning again but i had missed out on learning and had a hard time not feeling behind. Don't worry i am not feeling discouraged! Class ended up being great! and the teacher went back and explained conditional again, thank goodness we are in the MTC where we are blessed with the ability to learn because there is no way I would be able to get the concepts otherwise.
Sunday- my companions and i taught district meeting about the Book of Mormon and it was pretty neat! i love hearing others talk about their testimonies of the Book of Mormon and how they gained those testimonies. I also had them do an activity that i want everyone to try and that is open to a random page and point to a random verse and apply it to yourself. it works! Everytime! The Book of Mormon was written for us! specifically for us and so it can be applied to us! (hopefully this activity makes sense)
Also a couple people pointed out that I was in the Church news... at least my picture was. i am sending a copy home.
Sunday night- Susan Easton Black came and spoke to us! Loved it!! And guess what... she is married! one month married and still glowing!
Monday- Hermana Valdez, one of our many substitute teachers for the breaks (actually I kinda consider her as one of our teachers) was teaching about our purpose and it was more like an "ah-ha" moments for me. like wait I am actually a missionary! I am actually called of God to teach! I have the power and the responsibility to bring others to Christ!! pretty neat.
Karee and Hermana Valdez
Tuesday- sick
Wednesday- feeling great but stuck in my room. I started reading the Book of Mormon in Espanol... took me long enough to get into it.. Can you believe I've been here for a month!?!?! i can't it does not feel like it!
Thursday- back in class! Learned about the conditional tense (Would do something). Our teacher Hermana Haglund got back from her Christmas break!! i was so happy for that!  I also got to see Grandma and Grandpa Brown!! THey ate dinner with me and my district! They all love them already. i think that they feel like they are theirs too!
Grandma and Grandpa Brown and Karee
Today- p day! laundry and letter writing and THE TEMPLE!! I am so happy it is finally open agian!!!
The missionaries need your prayers!! A lot now!
LOve you all!
Hna. Brown
letters coming

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