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Hola Family-January 11, 2012

Dear Family,

Has it really been a week already?!?! I am so sure that it really hasn't. Time is going by so quickly... It's already been over a month! I am not so sure i am ready to leave. i don't want to leave. But we have finished learning all the spanish grammer and we are starting to review. Tomorrow my companions and I are teaching ir+infinitive.

The snow was just starting to melt. Then we get out of class last night and it had snowed 4 inches or so. It is really beautiful!

This week has been so fantastic it is going to be hard to get everything in... but I will try.

Hna. Haglund our teacher is back! I was glad that she was able to go home (Chicago) for the holidays, but I sure missed her! We found out on Tuesday or Wednesday that we have a mutual friend!! Helen Hitimana! How crazy is that! I had written Helen and mentioned Hna. Haglund last week. Hna. Haglund gave me a hug and then said, that was from Helen. i was in shock! It was so neat and now we have that connection.

Hermana Haglund and Karee (still haven't figured out how to flip pictrues)

This is Karee and her friend Helen at Helen's graduation at BYU (spring 2012)Hermana Haglund and Helen know each other too.

Yesterday I went all day 9-9 speaking only spanish! Well there were a few times that I spoke english, like when I saw grandma and grandpa brown (they dont speak spanish and when we had our companionship study to plan for teaching our new investigator Erendira) It was hard but I can DO IT!

Erendira (difficult to say sometimes) is from Mexico, has a daughter named Rosa, is 25, She cannot read! that makes it a little hard. She is Catholic and lives with her ex-boyfriends parents (rosa's grandparents). We have taught 3 lessons total now. but the best was BY FAR the best lesson we have ever taught! We taught about how God loves her. In the end she prayed. It was such a good prayer. she was wanting to know if God was really there really listening to her prayer. I was touched and started crying actually. I really love that lady. I love teaching!

Hna. Haglund shared His Grace is Sufficient by Brad Wilcox... I have heard/read that talk a bunch but this time it meant more because I was a missionary... I am going to copy that entry from my journal to share.

Mission conference was pretty neat. President Brown was not released, but they did speak. He spoke a lot about the atonement.

I am asking Elder Spratling is telling me what has happened this week. We are besties now. We sit next to each other in class and we bump codos (elbows) kinda like bumping fists. The other day he was telling a story about 4-wheeling and how there was a hose in the road, I couldn't comprehend that there was a water hose in the road so I asked what a hose was. That was pretty funny. We sure have a bunch of laughs here.

We got a new district!!! With 4 new sisters!! But I got released from my uncalling calling as the RS coordinating sister. I guess I was only supposed to have that assignment for 3 weeks just to understand how to lead, but they liked me so they kept me in for a bit longer. So now Hna. Jarvis is the RS. Coordinating sister and she stresses alot. There are two 20s , 19 and 22. pretty neat.

These are all the hermanas(sisters) that will leave the MTC Feb. 5th.

This is a picture of Karee and her companions and her teachers, Hermana Valdez and Hermana Haglund.

I have to go.. I'll write!

All my love!!   Hermana Brown

Karee, isn't she so cute! I just love her hair!

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