Monday, January 28, 2013

Grandma and Grandpa Brown called on a mission to Sweden!

These are Karee's grandparents. She got to see them in the MTC. This is very unusual since you don't get to see family while you are serving a mission. Karee was so excited to see them the first time they came to the MTC. They got special permission to have dinner with her. Now when she sees them in the halls she just gives them a hug as she is only supposed to speak spanish. So obedient! We love that about Karee!

Grandma and Grandpa Brown, I am so excited to hear about your call to Sweden! I got your dear elder after dinner on the 26th and looked around for you as much as I could but I don't know where your tutoring is. I won't be here in March, but maybe we can see each other on days that you are here for tutoring? When is that? I met a couple who is going to the Stolkhom temple to serve and I told them to keep an eye out for you. I also met a couple who is waiting for their visas to go to India. I told them that you have gone a couple times before. They said that they have been here for quite some time. Hopefully they get their visas soon.

Happy birthday Dad!! Getting close to 50!

Christmas was so great here!

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