Monday, January 28, 2013

week of the 18th-January 2013


Wow this week has been absolutely wonderful!

Mostly because Elder Jeffery R. Holland came to speak to us on Tuesday night! It was amazing! He is such a powerful speaker! I will copy the notes and send them  home to share... though it will only give you an idea what I learned. It was still super awesome! He dedicated three buildings.

Yesterday, I worked with Elder Austin and Elder Spratling to understand preterit vs. imperfect tense. We read Joseph smith's first pray (the hymn) and then we found the verbs and separated the two tenses. It was really interesting because when you think about the different tenses you have to understand what they are trying to say.

I was a host this week!! This means when the new missionaries arrive, i am one of the sisters that helps the new sisters around. They told us that around 660 missionaries were coming in. That means there were going to be a hundred cars every 15mins. Can you believe that! That is a ton of missionaries! I met 10 sister missionaries who are going to Boston too!! They are all English speaking, but it's neat to know that I am not the only one. While we were standing in line to host, we started talking with two sisters who are going to Hong Kong speaking Cambodian. I am so glad that I am speaking Spanish. It is relatively easy... There aren't different tones or different pitches. And it is or should be easy to pronounce. The sisters taught us a mini lesson in their language (totally gibberish) and then we tried to them a lesson in Spanish. Sometimes when I teach lessons I forget all my Spanish... Actually this happens a lot of the times. I was only able to host two sisters. One is on my same floor and so I am going to be seeing her a lot... also she is going to Boston. The second was in a different building and she is going to Hawaii. As a host I try to make them feel welcomed. I help them take their stuff up to their room, drop it off and then take them to get their books and then drop them off at their new classroom.  It was super fun!

Throughout the day I saw Lexi Picket, Jake Wallentine, Carrielyn Jensen (I am not exactly sure if this is her name, but it is the one that you told me was going to be coming in last week), two girls from the TR program at BYU, and Tabitha Wagnor.  I feel refreshed and inspired after seeing and hearing Elder Holland and then seeing all these new missionaries. I love it!!

Karee and Jake Wallentine(from our ward in Springfield)
This is Karee and Tabitha Wagoner. She is from Branson. She just entered the MTC on the 20th(I think)

You might be wondering what is going on... why the health office called. It was funny watching the lady talk to Calvin because I could just see Calvin pausing and not knowing what was going on. So I have had a bump on my right heel for a while now. Sister Seaborn told me that I should go in to have it looked at. So I did and he wanted me to see a specialist soon... They got me in for later that day. So we got to go on our first "field trip" to go see the podiatrist. My appointment was at 10:20 at the health center. At 2:55 we caught a shuttle. The office of the padiatrist is in the same business area of sister Davis's office. I was secretly planning to go find her. The doctor said that It is a heel spur... a bone growing because increased pressure caused by "the worst foot type" as he said. He said I am going to be getting more of these throughout my life on different parts of my foot. He said that surgery will be needed eventually, but that he wouldn't suggest now because I am on a mission. (He also told me to tell Grandma Brown thank you for the feet). I am going back Monday to get little sleeves for my heels to take the pressure off of them... hopefully it works!

Hermana Jarvis and Hermana Huskinson waiting for the shuttle to go to the podiatrist
OK... until next time! I love you!


Hermana Brown

ps. that letter from dad to elder Hunter made his Day... actually the whole time he has been here. it was a  highlight and he has been so excited to write him back! He has been asking questions and seems really interested. So good work dad! If your can, get kelcey and klarie and you too mom, a motherly figure would be neat I think! to write him... he likes KU kansas university Jayhawks, and basketball. He lived in Hawaii so you have things to ask about that.

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