Tuesday, January 22, 2013

More Snow!
December 28, 2012
Doing some back tracking . Just received a package of letters that were supposed to go to her sister, Kamber's house since we were going to be in Utah.
Sometimes during class I get distracted looking out the window watching the snow fall.
I like this coat, even more with this name tag on... I still do not feel like a missionary.

Dear family and friends,

Are you getting these emails? I only kinda know this email address...hopefully it is the right one.

Sunday Sister Brown's daughter in law came and spoke. It was really neat. Her daughter who is 18 played the harp for us. I wish I could play something really cool like that. Sunday night Stephen B. Allen came and spoke about the gift of repentance.

Christmas eve we had a nativity play along with musical arrangements. I am always amazed by the talents of others and the ability that music has to bring the spirit and teach me. After wards we watched a Christmas Carol. They had bags of caramel popcorn for all of us. that they brought out in big trash bags.

Christmas day was really cool. I loved the Missionary Survival kit!! It was unexpected for sure. I am glad I waited to open it until Christmas. I had fun trying to guess what the gift was. It was so neat that you would take the time to print those off, wrap all of those gifts and spend the time. Thank you!

Also Kamber! Those treats were yummy! The pillow case is possible the cutest ever! Thank you so very much!

We are making progress with our investigators! Pedro is a 16 year old (our teacher acting like a 16 yr. that he actually taught). He just agreed to be baptized on the 25th of Jan. I am pretty excited but we still have a bunch to teach him! Also the language is coming, but it takes time. sometimes I walk into a lesson and totally forget all the Spanish that I know. It comes back though no worries.

Olson family! Thank you so much for the package! It was so thoughtful of you to send me all of those things! I am wearing the earrings right now and planning on the scarf later. I love the pictures and have been showing everyone. Evalyn is SO cute! Thank you for thinking of me and for sending them to me.

Do you have any questions? I feel like i have so much to say during the week but when I get to PDay i can never remember what i wanted to share. I will probably write a better hand letter so feel free to share that.

Thank you for all the dear elders. I love hearing about how everyone is doing!

All my love!

Karee is in the MTC sister missionary choir. This was in the Church News. Can you see her on the bottom?

Hermana Brown

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