Monday, January 28, 2013

Fun Times at the MTC

These are just some fun pictures Karee has sent. Thought it would be fun to share that they do have fun.
(I wish I knew how to flip these pictures upright. Sorry!)This is Hermana Huskinson doing a jig!
Karee and companion hanging out in the room. I think this is when they had the flu. Notice the gatorade on the desk.
These are all the hermanas leaving the MTC on February 5. I believe all of them will go to different places.
We hope this wasn't her do for the day!
I think this was on Preparation day! I sure hope so. Quite the do, Karee!

Having some sweets during the Christmas holiday
During Christmas, the hermanas made a gingerbread house.       

Karee and Elder Roylance practicing tying ties!
They had an enrichment activity where they learned how to sew on buttons!
They have cleaning responsibilities and as you can see Karee tries to make it funny.

Hermanas getting some shut eye!
Elder Hales being funny!    

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