Monday, June 24, 2013

Time to say goodbye to Roslindale!

Sis VanWagnen and Karee as twinners!

It seems as though my time has come. Saying goodbye cannot get any harder than this! I feel like I have only just gotten here to Boston and figured out how to use the buses and how all the cities connect. I guess that means it is time to get me out of my comfort zone and let me meet some more wonderful people. I am going to be transferred to Worcester. I have only heard good things about this new place. Like how my apartment is going to have a gym, or how I will have a car now, or that my district leader's uncle is in the ward. I have also heard that there are more Puerto Ricains there. Which is going to be fun because I can understand Dominicans, but when Hno. Anleu was imitating what they would sound like... I had a hard time understanding. I guess I just need to keep learning the different accents. Sister Hileman is getting transferred to Martha's vineyard but she will be speaking english.  
The Anleu family and Karee(He is quite the jokester)!)
Sis Hilleman(getting transferred to Martha's Vineyard), Bro Gomez, and Karee

Tuesday- After emailing we went and had some lunch with Sister Gonzalez. Then we went on a hunt to go find some people. It was really quite hot, but we were able to find one elderly member and made a return appointment for her. Then we walked to Roxbury to meet up with a potential investigator. We needed to get that walking in after the lunch that we ate (it was A LOT!) We met up with Fabio who is from Cuba. He used to be a doctor, but is now writing medical articles for a newspaper. The Matos family met up with us and we went to a McDonald's to teach (it was the closest place). The lesson went well and we will see how the teaching goes, but his schedule is a little hard to work with because he doesn't actually know when he is free until later. 
The Matos family, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

Wednesday- We had a really good lesson with Eridania. Sister Packard and her daughter Angela came. Sister Packard served her mission in Uruguay, so she knew a little Spanish and could mostly understand. Angela is taking Spanish right now and could say a few things, but I was the translator for the majority. This was very interesting and I am sure there were a few things that got lost, because I am by far, not fluent and definitely not perfect. We talked about miracles and how both Eridania and Angela were both living proof that miracles still happen. We read parts of Moroni 7 with her (which is a wonderful chapter). It talks about how miracles haven't ceased and that by faith do they happen. If you substitute angels for missionaries... it is very touching (at least for me). I cried a little during that lesson. Just because I love her so much. It's hard for me to fully express myself and why I want her to understand what I am trying to tell her. Sister Packard thought this was a fun experience for her and for Angela and they are planning to come out with the Spanish sisters more. We also had a really good lesson later with sister Montero after some delicious Peruvian dinner.

It looks like my time is short this week. Sorry. But I do want to share an experience I have learned from. I have been blessed with the opportunity to see the fulfillment of two scriptures "whom the Lord calls, He qualifies" and that "by small and simple things are great things brought to pass". How? Well, I am honestly not that good at Spanish. I can hold a elementary conversation and can, for the most part, understand what people are saying to me. But to be a teacher? No way. How could anyone learn anything from me? Well, I have been called. And though I have a lot to learn, I can see that Heavenly Father has blessed me with the words that I need to say, when I need to say them. This doesn't mean that I don't struggle or pause, because I do. This doesn't mean that I stop studying, it makes me want to study more. This doesn't mean that Heavenly Father is going to stop me from teaching the Gospel. In fact, it is quite the opposite. He has actually given me the opportunities to teach some of the most important lessons. Not just about baptism, but about eternal families and the important steps to make the covenants with God in order to get back to Him and live with their families forever. I was able to teach temple classes to a few families in the ward. Not only were the lessons taught (because we all know that it was the Spirit teaching) but I was able to grow closer to the members, the Lord and I was able to remember some of the covenants that I have made and the importance of them. I am in no way qualified to teach such great things, but with the help of the Lord, I can.

 Also I am just a small thing. An instrument in God's plan for these people. Through me as a "teacher" these people are preparing to make covenants that will bind them together as a family forever. That is a great thing. A really great thing. 
I am but a small thing, but Heavenly Father has called me so that He might bring great things into the lives of others to complete His plans for them.

Love you all!
Sis. Brown

Saying goodbye to everyone!
Ashley and Karee

Gomez Family and Karee and Sis Smith

Sister Aldous(her husband is the mission Dr)  and Karee

Ashley,  Gomez girls, and Karee

The Shortell family, Karee, and Sis Hilleman

The Romero family and Karee

The Baez family and Karee

Sis Salas and Karee

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