Monday, June 24, 2013

This week has flown by!

This is Karee's new companion on the left, Sis Miller. Sis Buchanan is on the right(the tall one)

This week literally flew by! Seriously I feel like it just started!

Monday we spent grocery shopping, looking at a 2nd hand store, and writing letters. Later in the evening we went over to a less active's house with a young woman in the ward. We had a nice little visit. That family, like many families around the world is going through a lot. Sometimes it is good to just laugh a little. I was of course the one they were laughing at. I think I was a little tired and therefore a little slow. I would laugh at jokes a few seconds... maybe minutes after everyone had stopped. After all the laughing we ended with a Mormon message entitled, I hope you know I had a hard time. It makes me cry every time. 

Tuesday we were in Weston for Return and Report and a Sister's training. It is always so nice to meet up with a bunch of missionaries (especially the sisters) and then even better to be taught by our inspired mission president. We spent the whole day there.

Wednesday we did weekly planning for a good part of the day. It is hard because we want to be out teaching and visiting families, but we also need to be organized and have personal plans of how we can best help those we are teaching. 

Thursday we went and picked up food from the Bishop's store house to take to Golder. She is going to have a surgery this week and the compassionate service leader thought it would be nice for her to not have to go shopping. She also got a blessing from the elders. She was able to skype her husband who is still in Ghana so he was able to join us for the lesson and watch the blessing.  After the lesson the elder's car would not start. So instead of going to our next appointment right away, we went tracting. Tracting to find some jumper cables. It is crazy how many people don't have them! Including us... But after twenty minutes or so we were able to find a nice elderly man who was more than happy to help us out. Then we went to visit a family that just moved into the ward from Virginia. They are a part member family so we will probably work with them quite a lot. Then we went to dinner with a cute family. We left them each with personalized mission calls. They are our experiments on that so we will see how it goes. We tried to stop by a referral's house but she was not home.

Friday we had district meeting and then went to lunch at a Chinese buffet. It was different to have Chinese food. I didn't eat the rice though. Then we went with the other sisters to a woman's house who speaks Spanish. THen we went to a park to plan some between appointments. We had dinner with Sister Sanchez and then we went to talk to sister Blanco about members of the ward. She told us all about the families in the ward and then gave us food before we could leave. Luckily she let us take it to go. I love that lady!

Saturday we had another training. Language training. This is because the leaders have been stressing member missionary work and it is harder in language areas. Mostly because we don't know how to speak the language and relate to the people we are serving with as well as we would like. This training was in Cambridge, so I was back really close to my home! BOSTON! President Packard's Cousin who was a mission president in Chile. He is also a very successful lawyer (like my mission president). They were able to give us a lot of very useful information. I loved it. He talked about painting a picture in the minds of those we teach. Sometimes this is the best way to motivate us. Imagine you are in a place of peace and quiet. Surrounded by your children standing next to your husband, all dressed in white. Sealed to your family for time and all eternity. 

Sunday we went to church. We visited Nelsa, a woman who has gone through a lot including breast cancer. She really wants to be baptized but she needs to stop smoking first. We are going to work with her with a new seven day program that will help her. Then we went to dinner at the Andersons. They are currently serving as missionaries at the Bishop's store house. They were so nice and we were so lucky to have a home cooked meal with them. He reminds me of my grandpa Brown. He even sounds a whole lot like him. Then we went to a wonderful worldwide broadcast for missionaries. 

Sorry not very many pictures today. We had a Sister's training on Tuesday where we had a wonderful luncheon. At the end of the whole thing Sister Miller, Buchanan and I all realized that we were somewhat matching. We also sang a neat version of As sisters in Zion. I thought I'd share with you the words. I really liked them.
neat version of As Sisters in Zion! Click on picture to make words ledgible.

Calvin is getting ready to enter the MTC. He is going to Brazil but still waiting on his visa so he will be going to Provo. I am so excited because it is such a special place. He is going to love it!

It's pretty hot here now! Most houses we visit don't have a central air conditioning. But at least we have the cool of the car. 

I hope all is well! I love you all!

Love Sister Brown

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