Monday, June 24, 2013

2nd Week in Worcester!

Happy Father's day to my dad, to all the fathers and father-like figures. I sure hope you felt loved and appreciated.
Karee and her dad at the airport just before she left for her mission
This week has certainly been full of ups and downs. And lot's of downpours of rain!
We are working pretty closely with the Relief Society President, Sister Lachmann, and the Young Women's President Sister Williams (which just so happened to be the same name as the young women's president in the Boston ward). They are both really great!  It's really neat to be working with the ward. If I remember right they said something about having the missionaries become a part of the fabric of the ward in conference (I might be thinking of Stake conference). This means that we work with the auxiliary leaders to know who we should visit (less actives) and how we can best help the ward. Then we let them know about the people that we are teaching and how they can help us.
Sister Lachmann is from Taiwan and cooks some amazing food! We were over at her house helping her make 300 plus cookies to hand out for father's day Saturday.  The twist was that we made some chocolate chip cookies with bacon and some lemon spice jalapeno cookies. Wow talk about out of the ordinary. I liked the jalapeno ones, they weren't too spicy for me but it was a little different. I am not sure what the father's thought when they bit into those yesterday. But I think everyone liked the chocolate with bacon. Let me tell you I sure had fun cooking all that bacon. Sister Lachmann was taking pictures and laughing.
Sister Williams is super cute. She is a little older than me and is living here while her husband is finishing up his residency. She is pregnant with her first baby and is due in 9 weeks. We had lunch with her Friday to discuss plans for the girls and to have a very yummy pasta salad and watermelon. The crazy part was getting there. The GPS took us down a road that was... not really a road. There were potholes and puddles. Did I mention it was raining? Well it was so at one point it was like we were driving across a river. Don't worry I took a picture and a video. I can't send either of them today (sorry).
Last week after emailing we went and played soccer. It was a whole lot of fun and pretty wet! If you know me, I love to get wet! Running in the rain is the best! Grocery shopping when wet... not the best.
Thrusday- Rained again. We went around in the warmth of our red Toyota. We met a few families and taught a few lessons. Odell might have dropped us. It's really sad and we are not sure why, but her phone isn't working and she hasn't been home. We aren't sure what to do, but we will keep trying.
After it stopped raining we made our way over to teach a new member lesson to a little 8 year old. She was so full of energy and was super excited to pretend to be like a missionary. She taught us all about Joseph Smith and the 10 commandments. I was the oldest daughter until she remembered she had to have a companion, then I magically became her companion. After we left the lesson we met two young girls who were very interested in what we were doing. They asked lots of questions and then when we told them that we teach people, they asked us to teach them something. So we got a Book of Mormon (one for each of them) and then started looking at the pictures in the front. One of them said that she was going to keep the book forever and give it to her grandkids. It was so cute. When I asked why she just said, "because it's important." We met their parents but I am not sure how interested they really are. Their kids were very cute though.
Friday- Rained a lot... I am so glad we have a car now. Sister Miller kept asking how we would get around when it rained. it's simple actually... we just walked.  We had lunch with Sister Williams. Then we met a sister Rivers. She has gone through a lot. I am always amazed at the faith and the diligence of people who go through a lot. Then we met the Bhatty family. They are from Pakistan. A family of 4 girls and 1 boy. We had originally gone to meet the youngest who is 13. Sister Williams didn't know much about her because she doesn't really go to young women's. We found out that she is one of the sweetest happiest girls ever. She has down syndrome, but she blossoms. They offered us some Pakistani treats which I thought were delicious. I can't remember what they are called though. I just know that it was good.
Saturday- We spent most of the day serving. Making cookies for father's day, helping a member with one thing or another, and getting things ready for Sunday. We also taught a lesson to Golder (an investigator). She is going to have a surgery soon and so we took the Compassionate service leader to see what all we could do to help lighten her burden while she is recovering. It was very special to see and to hear this sister explain why we were so willing to help her. We are only trying to do what Christ would do and help when we can. That is a major part of what we believe. This sister brought up thing after thing of ways that we could help take care of her and her children. She was very grateful. I grew up in the church and I have been able to see that the sisters are always there willing and ready to help in any way that they can. They love to serve. I am so grateful that I have had the examples of my parents who are always so willing to help when someone is in need.
Sunday- No rain! Happy Father's day!! It was a great day! I spoke about how my dad has taught me so much and how willing he was to do things for me. Like paint my toe nails and braid my hair. I really appreciate how willing my dad was to bless my life with love and service. How he was always worthy to hold and use the priesthood to bless my life.
We also went on a few visits, but the big part of the afternoon was when the Hispanics all got together for a fireside. We are trying to make a branch with all the Spanish speakers in this area. We know how important it is for them to feel a part of the ward but also that they should be able to go to a church that is in their own language. They are excited to be growing and we are excited to be helping them.
 I'd like to say a little about fathers. To me a father is a symbol of safety and strength. I always looked up to my dad and wanted to make him proud. He tells me he loves me. He works hard to provide. When I am with him I always feel safe. He has always lived as an example to me. He is worthy to hold the priesthood and he loves my mom.
 I know that I have been blessed with the father that I have, but even more than that I know that I have a Father in Heaven. A Father that literally is always there. He will listen to all my problems, worries and fears. He wants to hear about my successes and my joy. He has provided me with an opportunity to learn and to grow. He wants the best for me and He wants me to become like Him. He is not only my Father, but He is a Father to all. He created a plan so that each of us could learn and to grow and become like Him, because He loves us.

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