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March 4, 2013

Day of sight seeing at Fenway Park

Note from mom. Karee has one day a week where she does her laundry, writes her letters, does her shopping and can go and do a little sight seeing. It is called Preparation Day or P day for short. This was her companion's last P day before going home and they went and did a lot of sight seeing. As you can see her letter is very brief because they were out most of the day. They met up with some of the Elders and had lunch at a famous sub sandwich place.

Eating at Al Capone's Sub Shop

Dear family,

How are you? I was so happy this week to get a letter from Amanda Taylor (surprise!) , Katelyn, Kamber and mom... That card was so awesome! I showed everyone! It is so funny! Where did you ever find it? It is so true through! Today we spent the whole day wandering around downtown Boston... BITTER COLD!!! But because of this little adventure my email time is cut short... I will try sending as many pictures as I can. I had a great week I'll write more next week.

Love you all!!!

A thank you note for Kamber.. She sent me a cute little package.. I had a lot of fun with the Cheese-its as you will see in the next few pictures. My initials :)

This is me and Martha. She is from Cuba and has been living here for about 30 years I think. We found her name as a member that no one knew. In fact we were told that no one knew if she was actually alive because they hadn't seen her in years. I happened to write down her address and said I wanted to at least see if she was still alive. Come to find out she is! She was so happy to see us that she invited us back the next afternoon for pizza. She is so sweet But she talks really fast.
Sky line... old time church and new buildings. I have found a lot of these lately. I like the contrast.
We had to go to Fenway!
old time church and new buildings

Hermana Hildenbrand, Sister Garcia, Sis Wagoner, and Karee on a pier for P day(preparation day)
Karee and Tabitha Wagoner(Sis Wagoner) from Branson at the pier

random donkey with sister missionaries

Fenway Park

You are now a Boston Red Sox fan, Karee Brown   

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