Wednesday, March 20, 2013

March 4, 2013-Letter to mission president

Karee's letter to her mission president. Each week, they have to write him and inform him of how things are going. Karee does a wonderful job of this. She is faithful.

Dear President,

You are too kind! I am glad you think I act like I have been here for a long time. I feel like a lost puppy sometimes. I am still not sure what I should do about the ward. They have a different culture and I am still trying to figure out how to help them realize that they really do need to go to church. Activity in this ward is a really big problem. This week we found two very less active and even lost members. It is so sad that they do not have the full blessings of the Gospel and yet they don't realize that they are missing out on anything. There are a few members who definitely understand what is going on, but getting the rest of the members to feel the same way.  Do you have any suggestions?
Yesterday I was able to see a member truly reach out to a member in need just like I would expect Christ to do. She constantly had her arm around this young woman who had been less active and was finally coming back. I guess her mom recently passed away. We are planning to visit with her and make sure she has some friends around her age to help her, but their aren't really any youth.... another thing we are going to be working on. We talked to two of the young women about having them come to a few visits with us and they sounded excited. I am hoping that we can get them excited about missionary work and maybe getting them to start inviting friends to activities. 

We had the opportunity to attend part of a birthday party for a child in the ward. The parents had invited a bunch of their friends and we were able to talk to them and got some information to follow up. But mostly we are going to start on the "what's next?" with these members. I am excited because I feel like if the members get involved they will work on their personal conversion as well. 

I am trying to receive revelation for the people and I feel like it really is a matter of listening and waiting on the Lord. I was really inspired by what you said at zone conference and I am working hard to give myself that 30 mins a day to talk with my Heavenly Father and really strive to listen. 

Something I have learned and continue to learn each week is that I am asked to do the work for a perfect man, Jesus Christ. I am not perfect and the more I try to learn how I can become better and more like Christ the more I realize I have so much to learn so much to grow. Yet the Atonement covers it all. And through Him, Jesus Christ, my Savior, I am able to do all and able to become more like Him. Everyday I learn of a way that I need to change to be more like Him. I feel like I am relying more and more on Him each day. 

Con amor,

Hna. Brown

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