Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Week of this...What week is it? April 22

Karee sporting her new scarf and sleep mask from her sister Kamber's sunshine care package
Kamber's care package to Karee
more yellow fun to brighten Karee's day
Neon yellow socks to top it all off

How are you all!?! 

This past week was pretty crazy with the bombing and then with the fighting trying to catch the suspects. Apparently there was a huge man hunt where the whole city was shut down! Everyone was to stay inside the houses and no one went out for most of the day. We didn't go out for the whole day. It was a long day.. Both english sisters made cookies. We started off strong with a good three hour of personal study! I loved it! We ended up playing some prison break Uno, weekly planning, organizing, singing, cooking.... looking for mail without going outside. We got creative after a while.
Sis Garcia and I made this yummy enchilada casserole

We are working with a less active family now, the Henriques. It is a family of three girls (19, 14,11) the youngest isn't baptized and after a week of them going to church on sunday she decided to get baptized. How exciting! We are planning on the 28th. We went to their house on Tuesday for lunch. PIZZA! But Sister Hileman and Elder Gonzalez had some sort of flu so they weren't feeling very hungry. I guess there is a bad flu this year....? Is that right? After that we prepared to get our new sisters. We were splitting our area book and member book (well copying it and making sure we would both have families to work with.)

Wednesday came and so did our new missionaries. I happened to be looking out the window when I saw them. I automatically recognized Hna. Smith. She was in the North stake back home. Yea! She is from Missouri! How neat is that! She also went to BYU and lived in wyview so we saw each other a few times. She will be going to Argentina when she gets her visa. We didn't have any appointments so I planned to just take her around. While we were around just meeting members of the ward, a man came up to us and offered to pay for our dinner. He was a returned missionary of two years and was so happy to see us serving missions. He gave us some advise, handed us some money and wished us the best of luck, thanking us for the fourth or fifth time before leaving. Wow! When does that ever happen? Never. 
Sister Van Wagnen, Sister Hileman, Karee, and Sister Smith(also from Missouri/North Stake)
SIster Smith is so much like me! She is pretty quiet, but really has a strong desire to share and serve. She is the 8th of 11 children. She went to BYU and was doing pre-nursing but switched to neroscience. She is a really good singer and is wonderful. She is far more goal oriented than I am and is very driven. She has some really good spanish and is already doing more than I was when I first came out. She is excited to be here in Boston.
Thursday- weekly planning! Yay!
Friday-inside all day! Lots of studies and yummy homemade food! Mom you are going to love all these recipies I am coming up with.
Yummy soup made by yours truly
Saturday- fun times with the Gomez family. Their granddaughter was there and was later at Church! She is 6 and was so cute about asking questions.
Sunday-  Nora came to Church again! It was so neat to have her there. To have her interact with the ward and to let her know that she is loved. She also brought a non member friend! She is already doing missionary work of her own! The friend was so happy to be there and said that she could feel of the spirit.
Monday - We had family home evening with the Shortell family. They have two little girls, one of them is getting baptized this Sunday! We had a quick lesson and played a game of temple memory. We just took a bunch of temple picture cards and spread them out. The mom and the grandma were getting so into it. They were so competative and loved looking at the pictures of the temples.
Easter egg lipstick. You should try it, you'll love it!
Loved the sign
Tuesday- We had a few visits. But the highlight of my day was after Sister Hileman and I got back together (both of our companions needed to go to the Mission home to get the full training with all of the other new missionaries). We went to the Henriquez family to teach the girl about the Plan of Salvation. The lesson went great and she was able to fully explain it all back to us. THEN, Sister Henriquez asked if we were staying for dinner. We didn't have an appointment so we said we would. Guess what she had made!?!?! Lasagna!!! IT WAS SO GOOD!!! But I was full after my normal size peice. Then I was offered more, so I ate another normal sized peice. THEN, I was offered more, I was really full but Sister Henriquez had saved this peice for me. so I took it. When we were done the whole 9x13 pan was empty (isn't that normally how much the whole family eats?). There were only 5 of us eating it. Sister Hileman and I had each eaten 1/4 of the pan!! I had been craving Lasagna for my whole mission so far. The first peice hit the spot and I was all set. Now I am all set for my whole mission! Something that Sister Hileman pointed out after was that we get treated so nicely here! Members, active and less-active, always make sure we are eating off of the nicest and biggest plates and eating the best food. They make sure we are fed and taken care of. They are so willing to give of what they have for us. It's wierd to think that they do it all for someone like me. I am just a missionary, but they recognize me as a representative of Jesus Christ and they try to treat me the best that they can. I am so blessed to be in this area serving among such loving people.
I love you!
All my love,
Hermana Brown

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