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July 22, 2013

Sis Miller, Sis Hobbs, and Karee on the subway after taking  Sis Buchanan to the airport
Note from MOM! Sometimes missionaries get sick and have to return home to get better. Sis Buchanan has been suffering from not sleeping and is returning home to get some medical treatment. Karee and Sis Miller took Sis Buchanan to the airport and got to stay in Boston for P-day.  This was a fun treat. They got some fun history touring in.
Sis Buchanan and Karee at the airport

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Dropping off Sis Buchanan at the airport

These are from the Holocaust memorial. I have been before but it was way to cold outside to really enjoy it. These glass towers have the numbers of the prisoners engraved along all sides. There are also quotes and short facts given by survivors. This reminded me of Mrs. Fraser (note: this was Karee's English teacher her senior year) because of some of the books we talked about. It also reminded me of the holocaust class that I took. Though the past is sometimes hard, it is important to learn from so that we don't repeat mistakes.

Sis Ragsdale! This one's for you!
We went on part of the Freedom Trail and saw a few of the old church buildings. There is so much history here in Boston. Our country was practically born here! We went to where the Boston Massacre happened. 
This is a picture of a memorial of the Irish immigrants who came here to escape percussion. But they ended up suffering her too.

The Boston Skyline

And a random Public Alley... Those are fun! 

We found the coast and bought hot dogs... I decided to get everything to get the full experience
. First hot dog purchased by me from a street vendor. To be honest.. J Dawgs is 100% better!

When we got home Wednesday evening we were surprised that there were no lights.. apparently we were in a good old city blackout. Weird. We luckily had some candles and our kind neighbor had some matches and an extra flashlight.
Because the trip staying in Boston was a last minute thing we didn't have clothes or anything with us. Luckily for us there are lots of extra clothes that past missionaries have left in the basement.

This is the sleeping outfit I ended up with.

Transfer meeting was in Boston. (note from mom: this is a mtg where missionaries get rides to their new areas) Sister Wagner was there! She took a picture and then we got one together.
Sis Wagner(she is from Branson, MO

This was Sis Garcia's last mtg. She is going home.
Sis Gomez


Sister Garcia went home.... that was a hard goodbye! We spent three transfers together in Boston as roommates and sister like figure while I have been here. She is such an amazing person. I am going to miss her! But she is going to be not too far from me when I am at school so we will be seeing each other more. 
Of course I had to get a picture with my sister Gomez!
We have always gone to Chipotle after transfer meeting but I never got a picture of the craziness.   I just got some chips and salsa and then ate the peanut butter, coconut and dried blueberry sandwich I had packed. It is actually a really good mix.

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