Sunday, November 3, 2013

Beautiful Changes!

October 9, 2013

The beautiful changes in the leaves!

Fall is here

The leaves changing remind me of home. It is amazing how something that is so beautiful green can be even prettier when they are changing with the weather. With all the changes with my surroundings I guess it is about time for me to move houses again. Did anyone see this coming? I am getting transferred to Merrimack New Hampshire. It is kind of fun for me to be able to experience life here in the New England area. When I was little we used to play a game with the states, so I know a few facts about the states. I am really excited to go to New Hampshire because the state bird is a Chickadee. Now, that is really not the only reason I am excited to go. When I found out, I thought that I was going to be speaking English. That is not going to be the case to my great surprise. I will be with an English speaking companion (Sister States), but there are 20 Spanish families in that area already attending church. I am actually going to be translating!?!?! I am not sure how that is actually going to work out... but I know that in the end it isn't me that is going to be doing the work, it will be the Spirit.
This week has been pretty long, then again it has been a little longer than a week. We had a really fun time at family home evening with Hailey and the Balmforths. We went on exchanges on Tuesday. Wednesday we had a really good lesson with Hailey and Alicia ( I am going to miss having Alicia around to help with lessons, she is so good!)
Alicia and Karee
 Hailey is so ready to be baptized, but is really wanting to finish reading the Book of Mormon first. We also had a few lessons with members encouraging them to have some questions in mind for conference. Thursday morning we went to the Bishop's storehouse to serve. It was pretty busy! I teamed up with Sister Ripley.

(There are many opportunities for missionaries to serve. One of these  was at the Bishops' Storehouse. The purpose of the Bishops' Storehouse is to
distribute commodities to the poor and needy as requested by bishops. Bishops’ storehouses also provide meaningful service opportunities for those receiving
assistance and for those desiring to serve missions or to volunteer.)
Elder and Sister Anderson and Karee at the Bishop's Storehouse
Karee's companion, Sis Godoy, Sis Ripley, and Karee at the storehouse
These missionaries all had the opportunity to help at the bishops' storehouse

She would push the cart and call out what we needed and how many and I would grab cans and boxes of food like crazy. Sister Ripley is such a fun lady. She and her husband actually have their own Hawaiian show (she is a hula dancer). I am going to have to come back to watch them! We had dinner with Hailey on Thursday and we got to know her a little more.
Hailey, Sis Godoy, and Karee

funny pics
 It was a lot of fun! We also have been having to help the elders get to know the people that we have been teaching so that they can take over when we leave (yes we are both leaving, currently there is not enough people to work with for two sets of Spanish missionaries). Conference of course was really good. Sister Godoy and I watched it in Spanish... which was good and bad. Luckily I will have the chance to go back and listen to it again... in English. Gerbert and Nilsa were able to come and so was Adeliris! It was so good to see them! And It is amazing how so many questions were answered. Adeliris found that one of the talks spoke just to her and it was about what we had talked to her about the night before.

Last night we did the Life of Christ activity again for the Young women of the Worcester first ward. It was really amazing! As I was helping pass out the objects I was thinking about what Christ has done for me. At one point it hit me that I am here, because of Him. In more ways than one. Yes, because He is my Savior, but also because of my faith in Him that I want to share with others.
Jen and Karee (one of the young women in Worcester)

As a missionary, I literally walk by faith. I have never seen Jesus, but I know that it is because of Him that I am here. I am serving the Lord because I know He lives. I may not be here to convince or to convert. Many times I feel inadequate to have been called to serve, but I know that I am here because I believe in Him. I do not doubt the things that my parents have taught me. I know that the Gospel has brought me so much joy and so many blessings. When something is so true that you cannot deny it, you have to share it. I know that God has blessed me with a love for the people here; and because I love them, I cannot keep from them all that I know. I have to share it. That is why I am here. I believe in Christ and I know that He came to the earth to live a perfect life and establish His Gospel. And then He took upon Him the sins, pains, and weaknesses of all who have lived, who live now and who will live. He was crucified but I know that He was resurrected on the third day. I know that He lives! And because He lives all of us can live and can return to live with our Heavenly Father. It is so wonderful.

I love you all!

Love always,
Sister K. Brown

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