Sunday, November 3, 2013

Bye Bye Worcester!

Sis Godoy,  Sis Layton, Sis Hobbs, and Karee(Karee's roommates-all missionaries)

Sis Godoy and Karee

Sis Hobbs and Karee

Sis Layton and Karee
Sis Mendez and Karee making yummy papusas
Karee, Jan, and son, Jose
Golder and Karee
Ana and Karee
Lisa and granddaughter and Karee
The district in Worcester(a district is a group of 4-8 missionaries)
Sis Godoy, Nilsa, and Karee

Maria, Karee, and Ivi
Karee and Sis Williams and Aucua
The Rodriguez Family, Karee and Sis Godoy
Ethan and Karee
Sis Ferrin, Karee, and Sis Ence(Sis Ferrin's mom) two extraordinary women!
 Karee and Bro and Sis Lachmann(amazing RS President)

The Sanchez Family(lots of fun!)

 Mom's note: Karee grew to love the people of Worcester and had to get as many pictures as she could.

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