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All Moved In

December 9, 2013

cool pics of Karee in the cold brisk weather

evening pics

As much as I didn't want this day to come, it did. I had no idea what to take a picture doing because we don't have that great of a view here of the city of Boston and we didn't have any snow. It was a rainy dreary kind of day, then I realized that we are in New England! So I decided to take a New England picture. I guess it turned out a bit blurred, but It was like I have a message to share (Light of Christ) in a dark world. notice the cathedral behind me... we thought it looked cool.

Karee looks like an angel

Last Sunday President Packard came to talk to us about starting the Spanish group here in Nashua. Since then we have been super busy. For a couple of days I have been feeling like an office missionary. We have been studying the area, finding people, making maps and adding addresses in the GPS, typing up proposals, researching what has been done in the past, and looking in the community as far as advertising and community outreach. It is amazing to see how much we are able to each contribute different aspects to the project. Sister J. Brown is really computer savvy and is really organized.
Hermana J Brown  on the computer

Studying the area
She has really helped us get things in order and helped me to stay on track. I know that Heavenly Father knew what He was doing when He put us together. It wasn't a joke to have two Browns together.

Miracles have started to happen. It is amazing! Sunday we met Patricia in the Nashua ward, who just came to see what the church was about. We were able to set up an appointment and taught Patricia, who is super interested in learning more about the church. We also found a few less-actives that we are going to start to work with. Last night at Family Home Evening at the Lopez-Carrasco's home, we were told that Ernie, a family friend, wants to learn more and he has already decided to be baptized. 
Lopez-Mayta family and Karee

dessert we had

We got to have dinner at the Jarnagin's! 
Karee and Sis Jarnagin
We taught a lesson about the Restoration as if they were non-members with their youngest daughter teaching. She knew what she was doing and brought up the priesthood. Brother Jarnagin then shared his testimony about how he has seen the priesthood bless his family. It was just what we needed because later we went to Carrie's house (a lady we have been visiting with and who has expressed an interest in learning more). Carrie had had a really rough day and was not feeling very good. We showed her a few mormon messages and then suggested she get a priesthood blessing. Brother Burson was more than willing to come over quickly. It was a wonderful experience and I know that she was able to feel the difference and feel the Spirit.

We had Zone meeting on Friday, where the Stake young men and young women presidents came and spoke to us about the new youth program. We are excited to get to work with the youth in our ward and stake to help them as they prepare themselves by strengthening their testimonies and sharing with others. 

We had our ward Christmas party Friday with lots of fun! There were so many people there! We sang Christmas songs, there were talents preformed, and a nativity preformed by the primary children.

Saturday morning we made the move to a different building in Nashua, New Hampshire. We needed to be closer to the area that we will be working in with the group. I love the new apartment. The ceilings are high and there are two bathrooms. We have a really nice gym (which is really going to be nice with the cold and snow that we are starting to get). We have a shelf outside our door that we can decorate. We are planning to get lights and then a little nativity set up. We might put a few candy canes out as well. I love that we have a PINK door!
Karee's new place

nice lights!

the new apartment

outside the apartment door

looking out the window

Sunday there were two Spanish baptisms. They had been taught by the Spanish Elders that had been here before us. The service was all in Spanish and it was like coming home again. I love the Spanish language, hispanic culture. and just the love that I feel when I am with them. We have two more people to add to our list of Spanish Group.
(Pictures of the room we all sleep in, with the high ceiling and the view out the window)

The Christmas season is coming. I hope that you take time for your family and to remember the things that are the most important. Remember Christ and what He did for you and what it means. This season I am going to be reflecting on this and what gift I can give to the Savior.
Nice Christmas tree

lovely suspenders, Karee!

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