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New Companion!

November 25, 2013
Hermana J Brown and Hermana K Brown

Karee's new companion, Hermana Brown

Not much has happened this past week, but I do have a new companion!
Sister J. Brown is from Sandy Utah. Is the oldest of two (she has a younger sister). She graduated from Utah State in graphic design. She was actually in my zone in the MTC for about a week. She speaks Spanish and encourages me to speak a whole lot more. It is really exciting to be back in the groove of speaking Spanish all the time. She is a green belt in Karate. Knows some German (she actually studied that in High school so Spanish is new). She plays the guitar and I told her that she has to play me a song every night before bed. She was a parking enforcement officer and was actually the highest ticketing. So if you got a ticket there, sorry that might have been my companion. She is a lot of fun!

This week after transfer meeting has been time to get her all caught up on the work that we are doing in the area. So far all the members think that having two Hermana Browns is a really fun idea. Actually during transfer meeting when our companionship was announced a quite a few people laughed and later that day one of the counselors in the bishopric asked if it was a joke.
Karee and Sis Garcia(their transfer picture). They get one every transfer mtg

Sister missionaries at transfer mtg (photo bomb in the background)

Karee's old companion, Sis Hileman at transfer mtg

Sis States(Karee's former companion) and Karee at transfer mtg

We went to Habitat for Humanity on Saturday and went around looking at all the different cabinets, fridges, frames and other odds and ends that needed to be priced. We talked to a few people. The owner was pretty confused because last time I was there I was with a Sister White. They didn't know what to call us to tell us apart. Any ideas of what we can do?

This Sunday was the primary program. A perfect Sunday to have my companion learn how to translate. We switched off after every song. It was a lot funner to have someone else to translate with. That way I don't lose my voice after Sacrament meeting. 

Also joining us in the Merrimack ward are two elders who are waiting for their visas to go to Australia. This means that Elder Lee and Elder Walk were split up but we are definitely going to enjoy having the extra help. By what it sounds like President wants us to be focusing more on the Hispanic people in the area, including Nashua. We have been asked to build a group out of nothing. How exciting! We will be the first Spanish speaking church in the whole area! 

Last night we went to our first Lopez family home evening. It was so much fun! I really wish we could have made it earlier. There are five brothers and a sister with their children and even grandchildren. There was singing, a lovely lesson, and lots of laughter. We will be back there for thanksgiving and then more family home evenings. They are going to be key in this group.

Well that's about it for this short week. I wish you all a very happy thanksgiving. Eat lots of food and have fun!

I love you all!
Love Hermana K. Brown
they have labeled all the cans in spanish

more labels for the spanish missionaries

the Hermana Browns

Karee and Hermana J Brown at the Boston Temple

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