Thursday, March 6, 2014

Christmas Eve at the Parkers!

December 30, 2013
Christmas at the Parkers!
Remember that this family has 12 children... they have a lot of Christmas cards to send, so we stuffed the envelopes.
Stuffing envelopes
And SANTA came to the Parker's house. 
After Santa, we all found some costumes and got dressed up for acting out the Nativity. The Parkers act out the Luke 2 story but start out with a few of prophecies of His birth. We started out in the entry way looking up at Brother Parker who was acting as Samuel the Lamanite prophesying that in 5 years the Savior would be born. We were acting as wicked unbelievers so we got to throw fake stones at him.
Hermana J Brown

Getting ready

So adorable!

What a nativity!

Cute angel or is it a heavenly host


so cute!
thought I figured out how to not have a sideways picture! Sorry!

more nativity costumes

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