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Snow Storm

December 23, 2013
Brrr! That is cold!

That darn snow!

What was awaiting after the Christmas Devotional

We had a Christmas Devotional for the missionaries in Belmont the other day. When we left the house to head up to the temple it was 3 degrees! Freezing cold. Then after the devotional we had a couple inches of snow. It was a lot of fun to see all the cars covered in snow and then all the elders trying their best to get them uncovered.
The work this week was a mix between the Merrimack ward and the Spanish group. I guess that is how it is going to be until we get more direction from the Stake president here. We did some visiting teaching with some sisters from the Merrimack ward, which is always fun.

There was a Christmas activity for the Relief Society here. We helped set up, simple but cute. It was a soup and salad dinner with some live Christmas music provided by some of the youth. 

One day we were waiting for the elevator in our apartment building. We had just stopped by to get a few copies of the Book of Mormon. A lady walked up and asked if we were Mormon. I could tell she had an accent but couldn't quite place it. When I asked she told me that she was from Columbia. So she speaks Spanish! She was so excited to have us to speak to. She welcomed us to come and stop by some time. The few times we have tried during the day she hasn't been home so we are going to try again this evening. 

Also, the man that is involved in the community outreach for the Latinos in the area, is from Guatemala and used to have the missionaries come teach him at his house there. He is going to be going away for the holidays, but was very excited to be in contact with missionaries again. He is going to be very useful to help us get in contact with some of the Spanish speaking people in the area.

We did have about two feet of snow in some places, but now it is melting because of rain. It is definitely not what I am used to because it hasn't started to freeze yet, but it is pretty cold. I think we are going to get a white Christmas. At least with left over snow.

Christmas plans are as follows:
Breakfast and opening stockings at the Bishop's  house.
Skyping and family time with the Jarnagin family.
Caroling with the Jarnagins and Gustafson families
Dinner at the McIntyre family.

I am really excited to hear from and see my family. Hopefully Kamber has the baby before so that I can see him.

I hope that you all have a wonderful Christmas!

I love you all!
Hermana K. Brown

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