Sunday, September 22, 2013

Sweetest Experience Yet!

September 2, 2013

Sister Hobbs, Isabel, and Karee  at Isabel's baptism.

Yesterday at 4:13 pm, one of my best friends made a covenant with Heavenly Father when she was baptized by someone who holds the Priesthood authority. And it was one of the Sweetest experiences of my life!
I am not sure if it was exactly at 4:13, but I do know that it was one of the sweetest experiences! 

The anticipation for this day has been unbelievable, and it started way before Sunday morning. I don't know who was more anxious, Isabel or me. We had originally set a date for the 15th so that her friend could come and preform the baptism, but when she found out that he would not be able to get leave from his duties on the reserve she said, "Why wait?" Preparations were made and the date was officially moved up to the 1st. This week has been great! It was a lot of work but totally worth every minute! 

Monday we went to visit a ward member who broke her ankle at girls camp... some of the things that leaders will do to help the young women have fun.... I love it! Then we went to Niobe's house. We had a wonderful meeting with a few less actives and we picked up a few things for Isabel's baptism. Then we met with Isabel at the church to review the Plan of Salvation and the commandments. 

Tuesday we met her briefly at a library to talk about her life plans, mostly because we are all friends and because she needed someone to talk to. We also met Nilsa and Ana, had lunch with a wonderful family from Ghana. Helped a sister move. A dinner and a meeting... full day.

Wednesday we went to the farm (p-day) where she works for a tour. It is amazing the things that I learned. I wouldn't mind living on a farm for the summer. She showed us their huge garden. 
The farm that Karee  and Sis Hobbs visited. Isabel works there.(Picture perfect. The American flag hanging down from the barn)
The leaves that we could eat  that are sweet like sugar because it is used as a sweetener and why they plant beans and corn together. She taught us that they use their pigs to till the garden because they are really good at digging. We went around to the different houses that represent different houses and cultures around the world. I might have jumped at the chickens....
Sister Hobbs and Karee with a llama and an alpaca at the farm
After the fun in the country we visited with a few families and said goodbye to a sister who will be moving away after she gets married.

Thursday we had transfer meeting.
Sister Wagner and  Karee

Sister Wagner, Sis Jordan, and Karee

Sis Gomez and Karee.
 I got a car! It is a gold Chevy Malibu... not sure if I like it, but it is a car. Sister Godoy said, "You are like Barbie in her Malibu!" We let Sister Godoy and Sister Layton (Sister Hobbs' new companion) get settled into the apartment. Sister Godoy is so cute.
Hermana Godoy and Hermana Brown (new companions)
 She doesn't really speak any English but knows more that she thinks. It has definitely been fun to get back into the Spanish speaking mode. I am actually surprised by how much I have been able to communicate with her. We talk all the time. She is definitely an answer to my prayers and my efforts to do my best to learn the language. Now I have the chance to really pick it up and run with it. I will also be teaching her English. She is actually a Spanish teacher back in Argentina where she is from, so we both have a lot to learn form each other. But I definitely get the better deal. She is the sixth of eight. She likes to have fun. Her favorite English words are "oh my goodness".  We also met the elders and Isabel at the church for her interview. Elder Broadhead said that she passed with a triple A+ (not that it was graded). She seemed so happy and giddy. Then we had to pick out a jumpsuit for her. It was a lot of fun!

Friday we had district meeting and lunch together. Then we went to Irini and the sanchez sisters both. Sister Godoy had so much fun with the Sanchez sisters. Finally able to talk to people who knew what she was saying probably. 

Saturday we went to a bunch of peoples houses We went to dinner at Sister Aragon's house. The elders were there too, a little bit of bad planning on my part. Elder Gonzalez, who was in Boston while I was there made sure I got more than enough food... guess some things never change. 

Sunday was the BIG day! Sister Hobbs and I stood in the doorway so that we could give her her towel when she came out. She was so happy! We gave exchanged some wet hugs and then she got changed... Yes Sister Hobbs and I cried. It was such a joyous experience. 

I love you All!
Love always,
Sister K. Brown

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