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Time is quickly passing!

August 12, 2013

Funny pics happen when you arrive early to your appointment!


Seriously time could not be going any faster! And believe me, I don't want it to. Yesterday was non-stop business all day starting at five in the morning, until nine at night. Being over two wards is really a lot of work when we are being asked to be part of the fabric of the ward, but let me tell you it is so much fun!

Actually it has been pretty crazy since Sister Hobbs and I have become companions. We have a lot to do and we are being pulled in so many different directions at one time. Don't worry we are being taken care. This week was one of those reward weeks. One of those weeks that Heavenly Father says, "Don't worry, there are people here that are ready and waiting to hear the Gospel. You are doing a great, just keep going." And He actually said this in an unexpected way. He gave us another thing to do. We started teaching Isabel.

 She is an absolute golden! She has a childhood friend who recently got off a mission. He had mentioned to her that she should check out church again. So she told him that she would pray about it. Well she did  and decided that if she called and someone called her back, that she would go. She looked up a number and thought it was for the church but it was for the bishop's home number. The bishop's wife was able let her know about the times of the meetings. She was at church on Sunday a whole hour before church started. 

Tuesday- Was just a testament to us that our trials are but a small moment and that if we endure it well, keeping our heads held high and being an example of the believers, we be blessed. And like many blessings and answers to prayers, this blessing came in the form of another person. Isabel. So earlier in the day we met with a man at the library. He had showed interest in the church on time when we were there before. He had called us earlier in the morning and asked if we could meet him there. We thought that it was a good opportunity, but soon realized that he had different intentions with meeting with us. He was there because he thought we were under the power of the devil and he wanted to save us from the spell that we were under... I won't say what church he was from, but I will say that he was not very nice about his approach. We left the library feeling nasty. It was very spiritually draining to be talked at so much and in a not so nice way. It was a neat experience for us to be able to share our testimonies with each other.

I didn't however, find out how much he had effected me until later that night when we met with Isabel. It was a completely different experience. She wanted to learn and the Spirit was there. Then when we asked her to pray (for the first time), she gave thanks for us as missionaries and then she asked for us to feel better about the day. We hadn't told her as much about the situation or what happened, but she prayed for us and I automatically felt of Heavenly Father's love for me. I felt uplifted and edified. Isabel was the answer to my prayer and the way that Heavenly Father was able to show His love for me.

Wednesday- We learned how to make another Salvadorian dish, Fried Yuka. It is actually really good. I guess a good way to describe Yuka is like potatoes, but denser and more dough like. We ate it with our fingers once again and with a cabbage and carrot salad over the top with homemade salsa. We visited with a bunch of people, one of the perks of two wards is there are more people to visit all the time.

Thursday we had another wonderful lesson with Isabel, this time with the Bishop's wife. We talked about faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior. We were each able to bear our testimony about Jesus Christ and His Atonement. 

Friday was one of those Spiritually uplifting days. We had Zone conference. 

We had two lessons with Isabel this week, but really she is teaching herself through her studies. It is actually a really neat experience because she is doing the homework assignments in the little pamphlets and so are we (we aren't going to give her anything that we wouldn't be willing to do.) I am learning more and my testimony is growing. It has been neat to be able to study more on the Life of Christ, of the miracles He preformed and of the power of the Atonement. 

We are going to family Home evening with her at the Hererra's house tonight, maybe we can get some good pictures.

I love you all!

Love always,
Hermana K. Brown

early morning studies! Primary childrens' cards in the background on the wall!
A rewind picture of when Sis Hobbs asked Isabel to be baptized. She accidentally called her Jasmine!

Sis Biggs gave new quilts to the missionaries. The apt. was so cold, the quilts came in handy.

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