Sunday, February 10, 2013

Last letter before leaving the Missionary Training Center

February 3, 2013

Dear Family,
   Friday, as you know, I got my travel plans. I leave Tuesday morning, February 5, at 6am to leave for the airport. I was feeling a little inadequate to be teaching real people. I asked for a blessing after class on Saturday and it really helped. (this letter is confusing, but she is reviewing the last week)
  Saturday we got another (pretend) investigator. His name is "Chui". He likes music. He is going to school to be a doctor. He's 22 and is from Honduras. He doesn't believe in organized religion, not sure why but it should be fun to teach him.
  Sunday was pretty great like always! We had Sister Linda Burton from the General Relief Society come speak. I don't have my notes so I can't remember what she talked about (sorry). After district mtg. Brother Hobson wanted to talk with me to check up on me and make sure I was feeling alright. I never had time to write my talk. And guess who got to speak? Yep, this hermana! President Bowen actually thought I had already spoken and wasn't planning on calling me up, but last minute felt prompted to.
I am actually really glad he did. I was able to exercise my faith that words would come. And my confidence was increased because it happened. Sister Hobson said I sounded like a native! I am not so sure of that. She is really sweet and knew I was having a bit of a rough day so she was being nice, but it sure felt good to hear. Also, the sisters all sang Be Still My Soul accapella. It was exactly how I was feeling. Amazing how that works right?
  I got a dearelder letter from Kamber (oldest sister) after dinner that said she gave some cookies to Grandma and Grandpa Brown to give to me but we hadn't see them.After lessons, we were walking in the halls and I happened to look out the doors and there was Grandma and Grandpa walking hand in hand (my companions think it is the cutest thing). I ran out after them and it was so nice to talk with them about their studies, about family, and I also got a cookie or 4 out of it.:)
  We ran into Hermana Haglund so I introduced them to her. Monday was probably one of my favorite days this week it was so fun to have family meet someone I really look up to!
  On Wednesday, Hermana Haglund and I had a coaching session. She got me excited for Boston at least the people. She was so very sincere and encouraging. She really makes an effort to help me which is why I am so lucky to have her as my teacher. I am really going to miss her.
  Friday-I started packing today! We are going to a later session at the temple so that we can eat at the cafeteria there.
  Courtney Hamilton did her papers! Yay! I want to hear how that goes!
  I think you can send dear elder letters but depending on the mission(karee's mission costs $.46).
  Well I don't have much time left. Thanks for your love and support!
                                          Love always,  Hermana Brown

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