Sunday, February 10, 2013

Welcome to Boston, Karee!

February 8, 2013

These are letters received  from Karee's mission president's wife

Good morning parents,
As you probably know, there is a major blizzard heading our way. We've asked all the missionaries to prepare for power outages and to stay inside today and tomorrow. We are particularly concerned about the missionaries who opened brand new areas yesterday.  We are contacting them individually to make sure they have the supplies necessary to weather the storm.  President Packard has also contacted local leaders in these 13 new areas to assist in the effort. 

February 8, 2013    11:30pm

Winter Storm Nemo has definitely arrived in the Massachusetts Boston Mission.  The winds are picking up now and the snow keeps coming and coming and coming.  I think we're in for quite a blizzard!   All of the missionaries are safe and well-prepared for any power outages. If a companionship loses power, they are instructed to text us immediately so we can follow their situation closely until power is restored.  The only missionaries without power tonight are:
Elders Williams & Gallagher in Cape Cod
Elders Starley & Thorn in Pawtucket
Elders Nielson & Burton in Central Falls
Elders Wood & Cooney in Plymouth
Elders Jensen & Johnson in Newport
All of these Elders are fine...plenty of food, water, flashlights, etc.  They are happy as can be.
We are expecting more power outages throughout the night as the blizzard intensifies.  Hopefully our missionaries will sleep through all of the excitement.  I'll send an update tomorrow after we've checked in with everyone.   
Have a great night!
Sister Packard
 (We are so glad Karee wasn't one of the ones without power.)Mom:)

February 9, 2013  4:30pm

Hi everyone,
The storm has moved out of most areas of the mission (only Cape Cod still getting hit).  Most missionaries are spending the afternoon shoveling snow...digging themselves out first and then the neighbors.  It's going to take a lot of digging!!  Most areas have over 2 feet of snow.  Connecticut has over 30 inches everywhere along the coast...38 inches in Bridgeport!  Many missionaries lost power last night but it is being restored quickly. I'll send out another update tonight to let you know who is still without power at bedtime.
I have to share one story with you before finishing this email.  I just checked on the missionaries who are shoveling snow up and down our street.  They moved into a new apartment this week and have been working long hours to help with mission transfers, arriving & departing missionaries, etc.  Even though they are exhausted, they have been out shoveling snow...out serving...out touching many hearts. One woman on our street was feeling overwhelmed because her husband is out of town (and obviously can't get back into town). She didn't know how she would be able to dig herself and her 2 kids out of the driveway.  (26 inches of snow is HEAVY.)  She was so grateful to have several Mormon missionaries show up unexpectedly at her house. It put her in tears. The Elders felt rejuvenated and moved on to the next house...and the next and the next.  I know these kinds of experiences are happening all over the mission right now.  Didn't I tell you we have the best missionaries in the church in the Massachusetts Boston Mission?
Sister Packard
(Now the missionary experiences start for Karee. We can't wait to hear from her and hear her first stories of being in Boston!)Mom:)

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  1. So glad Karee is doing well and she hasn't been without power too :) I'm sure it does your heart good, Julie, to see these emails from Karee and the mission pres. wife!