Sunday, April 6, 2014

2013 Flew By

January 1, 2014

It seems like the year 2013 decided to fly by. With the new year linger in in the near future, now it's here,  I have been pondering the concept of why we celebrate New Years. There are the parties, the family time, and the excitement behind a new year. It is a time to get rid old and in with the new. I think what always seems to come with the New Year is resolutions. Goals that we set as we try to have a better year than the last. Things like get fit, get a promotion, be more organized, get out of debt, pay off  the mortgage, get married, etc.  We set these goals with the best intentions always expecting to achieve them believing that if anyone can change our current situations it is us.

We believe in agency, or the gift that God has given us to make decisions for ourselves. Our decisions always have consequences good or bad. The choices that we make each day make a difference and will indeed affect us and those around us later on. Sometimes these choices lead us to situations that we don't want to be in and will find ourselves looking for ways that we can change our situation. Other times the choices of others place us in uncomfortable situations or sometimes these situations just come, either way we find ourselves wanting a change. I am like anyone else, I have been searching for ways that I can change. 

I found a few examples of people in the Bible who wanted to change. The woman with the issue of blood, Jairus who's daughter was dying,
 Naaman who was a great man who of no fault of his own got leprosy. All of these people were in a situation that they did not want to be in. All went to one source to be healed. God. Either through Jesus Christ the Son of God, or through a prophet, a messenger called of God. They all went to God. They put a conscience effort to do all that they could, called doctors, crawled to a place where the Savior would pass so they could touch the hem of the Saviors clothes or sent messengers to call for the Savior, or even bathed in the river. All of them did their part, all that they could. Then they gave the rest to God. They acted in faith believing that they would be healed. Believing that a change would come. All of us have a need to be healed. And as much as we will try we can't completely do it all on our own.

I want to go back to a previous statement that I made. I said that "if anyone can change our current situation it is us." Can I change that statement a little? If anyone can change our situation it is God, if we do our best then put our faith and trust in Him, trusting that He knows best. I know He will. He knows what is best. He knows what we are capable of becoming. May we, this year, prayerfully set new years resolutions, set these goals. May we do all that we can and then turn the rest over to the Savior. To help us because He will. 

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