This morning when we were driving beside the Charles river I looked across to see Boston. I love that the people here are so active. There are always people running along the river and people rowing in the river. I started to sketch out the skyline and forgot to take a picture to share. I love this city!
Karee's drawing of the Charles River

Something amazing is happening here. We have been getting referrals from the members! This really hasn't ever happened on my mission. So this past week we have gotten at least three referrals and have had contact with previous investigators. Four of them are named Maria. One the member got in contact with her by mistake over the phone. She went back to Peru because her son's burn treatment was over, but we had a good lesson with her. The other Maria didn't seem quite as interested but agreed to meet with us. Then there is Maria the previous investigator. We went through our phone calling all the numbers that we didn't know and got a hold of her. She is a sweet woman from El Salvador. We ended up going back to her house to teach a cute Easter lesson to her six year old son. She really loves Jesus and is excited for all the activities that the church has. Hopefully, she will be coming to Family home evening tonight.

Also, our branch hosted an international dinner where there were loads of members, less-active, non-members and investigators all celebrating the cultures of their native lands. One really extra ordinary story was of a semi-active woman who we have been working with, who met a man on the street that day who is from her country. He was excited to meet her and she invited him to come with her. He came! She also brought two less-actives with three non-members. I was able to get their phone numbers as well as talk to them about what we do as missionaries, a little about our church, and their religious beliefs. The member was very excited and kept whispering to me that the field is white. We are going to have work to do with these members to help them with what is next and we have a bunch of potentials that are really interested. Things are going great. 
Mesa del Salvador

Hna. Rodriguez from Columbia

Mesa de la republica dominicana (mi mesa)
Mexican rice/ flag

Dominican biscocho YUM

Sister Garcia and I with the Dominican flags. These people really know how to party!

Guatemalan. This is Sister Diaz. She is the oldest child in her family of 13, but you would never guess. She participated in a traditional Guatemalan dance along with two other generations from her family.

Peruvian- This is our favorite little Daniella. She was so cute and did a little traditional dance as well.

Traditional Guatemalan dress.

Peru- Sister Garcia with Sister Benitez

Columbian- Sister Garcia with Christian and Sister

Mexican- Sister Garcia with the Lopez family

Dominican dolls- they do not have faces because the people of the Dominican Republic are all so diverse that they normally don't give the decorative dolls. I hope you know I am planning to go to the Dominican Republic after my mission.

The weather is really nice. We are headed to the beach.. don't worry, only to play soccer at a park. Have a wonderful week!

Love always,
Hermana Brown