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February 18, 2014
Elder Rivera, Catalan, SIster Garcia and Brown
The Cambridge 3rd Spanish Missionaries. We got to go to the temple on Monday... which is why we weren't able to write. It was really neat session and I learned a lot.

What a week. We are already getting hit with yet another snow storm. Rex is here and he is dumping snow. I think that it is only supposed to be a 3-8 inches, but I think that it has already snowed a good 4 inches and it doesn't look like it is going to stop anytime soon. 
This past week has been super crazy! Last week transfers got pushed up a day because of a snow storm. So Wednesday was not much of a preparation day, it was making sure everything was in the car and then a quick meeting with the Young women's presidency (missionaries getting involved in the ward!), then it was off to Worcester. Luckily for us we were able to get there early and we were able to stop by and see a few people before the meeting. I saw Hailey and Sister Lachmann. It was so good to see them!

My new companion is Sister Garcia! She is from Mexico originally, but has lived in Arizona for most of her life. Which is really good because it means that she is already fluent in both English and Spanish. Which means.... I am going to learn a whole lot more Spanish! She has already taught me so much! I am happy to be back in a Spanish speaking area serving with other Spanish missionaries. It turns out that the elders who are in the branch are both native Spanish speaking as well. We have spent a lot of time with them lately because they have been showing us how to get around and introducing us to the members and investigators. Elder Rivera (Mexico) and Elder Catalan (Guatemala) are super nice and are really excited to be working with sisters. Apparently there are a bunch of single sisters in the ward so we will have a lot of work to do!

So basically this week has been the elders showing us around town. Public transportation is a lot different this time because I don't have anyone to show me around to the different stops or know exactly when to get off the bus/train like I did in Boston. We will be sharing a car with the elders and using the public transit the rest of the time. We cover a bunch of cities (6 or 7 I think) one of which is BOSTON! The way that the boundaries are set up are a little crazy... but I love it!

Thursday: It snowed. But we were some how still able to get fed twice. The first family was from Guatamala, the Morales family. We ate a little ( a lot) of everything. Then later it was at Sister Benites. Sometimes I forget that I am in the Spanish program, but then I get fed again... and I remember. We did some planning/getting to know the area with the elders.

Friday: We had a district meeting (we have the best district ever!) The Cambridge 3rd missionaries and the Lynn missionaries. Sister Miller is in my District again! We went around East Boston with the elders meeting people in the ward. We went and taught a referral from a member who seems to really seem like he might be interested. Then it was off to dinner at the Arias family. You have to love dinners!

Saturday: Winter storm Quintus came.... we got some snow. But not as much wind as they were telling us we would get. We were able to get out to see a few families and attend a Relief Society activity in the evening which was really nice. I am excited to get working with the sisters here on their visiting teaching. We were able to meet a few sisters at the activity (the few that braved the storm) along with President Baker and his wife. The main message of the activity was that we need to be seeking revelation for the sisters that we visit and then acting on that revelation. Reaching out and letting the sisters know that you love them. 

Sunday: I got a new calling.... Branch pianist! It is a little funny seeing as I don't really know how to play, but it will be fun and I am excited. Luckily for me the organ in the chapel, can play itself. So really all I have to do is find the song, push a few buttons and then look like I am playing. Oh and make sure the music is playing with the tempo that they want to sing... I must say it is a little harder than it sounds because they have their own way of singing the songs sometimes. I am however, really playing for the Relief Society. This week I was able to get away with the right hand only, but I am hoping that this coming week I will have a little time to practice and I will be able to give these women a little better. I love this branch though! I have never served in a branch and I am excited. The branch is consisted of pretty much every Hispanic person in the stake other than Revere and Lynn. They come from all over and yet they all love each other and want to help each other grown in the Gospel. Peru, Guatemala, El Salvador, Dominican Republic, Mexico, Puerto Rico, and more. Then there is me... I can't help but be grateful for the opportunity to meet them and to serve them. I am lucky!

Monday: We were able to go to the temple. Then we went bowling with our district, and had way too much fun. Then it was over to a member's house to celebrate Elder Catalan's birthday. Where we played the longest game of Uno ever. But so much fun!

Love you all


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