Sunday, April 6, 2014


February 12, 2014
It is pretty cold here and I believe it will get colder with this snow storm that is coming.

Saturday morning Sister Brown and I got a call from President Packard, "Hello, Sisters Brown, I just wanted to know how the area is going...." We told him about all the exciting things that have been happening in the area. We told him that we are happy and doing well. "Well I have all intentions of keeping you together, but we need to take it to the Lord and let Him decide. We are getting ready to pray about it right now, say a prayer for me. Have a nice day!" I thought with a call like that I was for sure safe here. Before we went into our next appointment we said a prayer and as Sister Brown said that she wanted to stay together, but that we would do what Heavenly Father wants. Not long after we got another call from President Packard... "Well... So I need to talk to Sister K. Brown, can she hear me? Sister Brown, it looks like you are going to be transferred. You are going to go to an area where there haven't been Spanish sisters before! And we are going to need you to train..." I am all over the place with my emotions. I am excited yet nervous and I have no idea what to think.
Saying goodbye is all so bitter-sweet. And mom, I still do not like packing...
Transfers were supposed to be tomorrow, but there is a bad storm coming in so we are now going to be leaving today. Luckily for me, I was already packed because Monday we were moving apartments again. The elders needed to move back into Clock Tower because we are getting Spanish elders in the area who will not have a car and they will need to be closer to area. I am becoming somewhat decent at packing, but my bags are not getting lighter. 

Here I come Cambridge 3rd ward (Spanish ward!) I will write more on Monday! I love you all!

Zoe and I
Sister Parker and Karee
Carrie and Karee
Sister Brown and I putting tape on hearts so that we can heart attack a few people
The Burson Family and Karee

Us with Mari

Sis Dodge and Karee

The Theobald family and Karee

Sis Brown, Laurel, and Karee

Bishop Pearson and Karee

Me with the Fernandez/Martinez family

Sis Robinson and Karee

Patricia and the Browns

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