Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Patricia, her mom, Sis Garcia, Karee, and 2 other sister missionaries

Boston Park
April 28, 2014
Last night we had a meeting called a charge meeting. I definitely feel "charged" in more ways than one. I am ready to Sprint. Heavenly Father really is hastening His work, but He is waiting for us to do the work so that He can hasten the work in us.
Throughout my mission I have tried to Sprint, but I feel like I was helplessly flailing my arms as my legs wildly criss-crossed. I feel like a lot of the time I was trying, but didn't quite know how to run. I was given challenges of training, opening areas, learning cultures, overcoming fears and trying a new language. One thing I have learned is Heavenly Father truly does qualify whom He calls. The truth is that we are each here now because Heavenly Father choose us to be here now.  I alone would never be able to do what is asked of me to do, but Christ makes the difference and some how He is able to work through me to get things done.

 I have worried about receiving revelation as to where to go and when. But looking back, there have been so many instances that I have been guided by the Spirit. I have gone through a series of these instances this past week. Starting on Friday of last week. We had just finished weekly planning and didn't have anything planned. I had the idea to go look for a few former investigators. We went and had no success with the first. After we arrived at the address of the second we found that we had been given an address but no apartment number. I for some reason felt like knocking on doors... an urgency to find her. So I told Sister Garcia that we were going to knock on doors until we found her. The first door was slightly depressing. We didn't get anywhere. There are four doors on every floor and three floors. Instead of knocking on another door on the first floor I felt like we should go upstairs. When we knocked we were surprised to find a woman who knew us (I think I told this story last week don't worry there is more!)

She asked us for a Bible and we happened to have one in our apartment. I marked Proverbs 31:10, which talks about the worth of a virtuous woman. When she read the verse she laughed and then said "well that's you two." Then we moved on to another topic. But she came back and asked why I had chosen the passage. I opened my mouth and words came out. Out of the mouth that has been struggling to speak Spanish. Words that were not my own because they were what she needed to hear.
Karee, Emilia, and Sis Garcia
Karee and Emilia

To make the story a little quicker, she went to church and the lessons were written specifically for her. She wants this in her life. She feels the power of the message. And so do I.

 Not only is He guiding my steps, or giving me the words to say, but He is also giving me a glimpse of how He sees His children. He loves them!

Camela is a cute little girl in our branch. I have wanted to get a picture with her for a while. She is just the cutest! Every time she sees me she casually says "hey Brown". I finally got a picture with her.
Boston Park
Little car.... I was super excited to see this car and HAD to get a picture with it... remember Mr. Beans?!?!?!

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