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Some Ups and Downs!

January 13, 2014
Karee with Gladys. She trimmed Karee's hair.

 This has certainly been a week of miracles and I know that it has been because of the prayers of members.

This week we officially started teaching two more people, and almost a third (that is an interesting story) which almost doubles our teaching pool. 

With Patricia we decided that she needs more structure with scriptures because she really likes to study. We were able to stay on topic by sticking to the scriptures. She really liked this and it became more that she wanted to learn about the doctrine rather than just take care of us and feed us.

Rosa, was a former investigator, who we found on Wednesday and then went back to teacher her on Friday. She is from Puerto Rico and has seven children. On Friday we talked to her a little more about how the Gospel can bless her and her family and then we gave her a Book of Mormon. She said that she would read it and that she would love to meet with us again.

Then there is Cristofer. We met him a few weeks ago on the street actually. We had said hello as we were passing by and then he told us to come over. He gave us his address, but it was wrong. Thursday on a whim we went to the house that he had been in front of the other night. I just so happened that the woman knew him and she was able to give us his real address. We stopped by his real address and set up an appointment. The only problem was that when we met up with the member on Sunday, he hadn't brought his wife, so we couldn't go in to teach Cristofer. But luckily the member is so missionary minded and was more than happy to enter the house with his son to explain a little about the church and the Book of Mormon. We still need to follow up with that brother, but if it went well we will most likely start to teach Cristofer.

Mom and dad, I gave some CTR rings to a recent convert, Segrario, and her daughter, Amy. I was originally planning to only give them to her daughters but Segrario really has changed since her baptism. She is so cute and said that she wanted one too. 

Thursday was a hard day only because we were looking and looking for some former investigators and didn't have very much success. But I guess we have to have the hard days so that we can enjoy the good days. 

We had a mission wide video conference on Tuesday. President Packard challenged the whole mission to read through the Book of Mormon, 20 minutes a day, marking all the references to Jesus. The reasoning behind this is that we are doing the work of the Lord and the only way to do it better is to have His Spirit with us. When we are constantly looking for the Savior, we will be guided by the Spirit. Sister Brown and I got a new Libro de Mormon and started marking. It is amazing how many times Christ is referred to. 

There have been a few people that have started to feel overwhelmed or depressed. We decided that the only way to fix this problem is to give more thanks to God. So we made a couple small gratitude journals with a few quotes, pictures and little composition books. We have already heard that it is helping and we have been getting a few quotes in texts from people. It is like pay it forward. There is really a power that comes when one is seeking uplifting things and it is too good to keep to yourself.

Saturday Sister Brown wasn't feeling too well, but we were able to get a few things done. Don't worry she is feeling better now.

We were able to have a few auxiliary interviews (which means we talk to the presidents of the auxiliaries to see what there goals are and how we can help them). I am constantly amazed by the leaders and the youth here. I love it!
 We really want to be helping the different auxiliaries in the ward so we have been asking who we can help and how. I love working with the young women. Lately we have been texting them uplifting thoughts and quotes each morning. This was an idea from the Billrica sisters. But we had originally been texting just one of the girls at a time. This is Tabby, who is awesome! She was the first one that we started helping and she got her medallion yesterday. She was SUPER happy. It was so neat to see. Sister Jarnagin said that she can see that the personal progress program has helped her so much. Tabby said that it definitely has built a stronger foundation for her testimony. I just love the personal progress program!
Karee with Tabby after she received her Young Womanhood medallion
 This award recognizes you for your worthiness and for completing all the Personal Progress requirements. As a recipient of the award, you show that you have established a pattern of progress in your life. You are prepared to make and keep sacred temple covenants. You are committed to keeping the commandments, serving others, and developing and sharing your gifts and talents. You will strive to strengthen the home and family.
This is the Young Womanhood medallion. This is Karee's. She added the forget me not flower on the left and she also received her honor bee.

The Honor Bee charm was historically given to young women who were willing to do more than was required. To continue your progress, you may earn an Honor Bee to accompany your Young Womanhood Recognition medallion. You may earn an Honor Bee charm after completing both of the following requirements:
1. Read the Book of Mormon again. A daily habit of scripture study will strengthen your faith and help you receive personal inspiration and guidance throughout your life.
2.Serve others for a total of 40 hours. 
Sister Murrey and I holding the cute little bowling balls. Apparently the New Englanders play a different style of bowling. The pins are skinnier and the balls are smaller. The lanes seemed to be more slippery. There were a few times when one or two of us fell on the lane. I wan't able to get a picture but Sister Harris did.

Go Karee!

Lately it has been really foggy. I am pretty sure that it is because when it rains on the snow, the dew point is lowered and clouds start to form closer to the ground. FOG. I am getting all meteorologist now.(Thanks to my high school meteorologist teacher, Mr. Snyder) I think that it looks really neat, even in the graveyards.

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