Sunday, April 6, 2014

Super Cold!

January 6, 2014
(mom note: couldn't get the picture to be upright)Text from the mission president's wife

Cold day!

It got SUPER COLD! Last week on Wednesday we got a text telling us that a big snow storm was coming and that the next day, Thursday, we were to stay inside. It was supposed to be transfers the next day, but President Packard is a inspired man and he was able to get everyone where they needed to be in time. Amazing! We also had a mission wide conference over the phone while everyone was stuck inside. It was really neat to hear all the missionaries calling in and saying their names. Sometimes I forget that there are so many missionaries serving in this mission, let alone the world as a whole.
Friday we were stuck inside for only half of the day. We were able to have a really good (semi-short) lesson with Carrie. We had been texting her and asked if she would be available to meet with us if we got permission to leave. She agreed and then almost backed out. We were able to get Zoe to agree to come with us. Mostly Carrie needed to vent a little. She went to a family home evening at the Parker's house (which was really good!). Sister Parker has been really good for her, and actually invited her to learn more about the church. During our lesson we talked about prayer and how much Heavenly Father wants to hear from us and how He will answer our prayers we just need to be willing to pause and listen. Zoe bore a strong testimony of a time when she was praying for comfort and didn't really feel like she received it until she was willing to change and allow the power of the Atonement in. At the end of the lesson Carrie agreed to pray. Her prayer was beautiful. She expressed her gratitude and her desires and a few concerns that she had.  We were so lucky that Zoe was able to come, I know that it made all the difference in how that lesson turned out.

Sunday we had a church marathon, went to both the Nashua and Merrimack wards. Raquel came and so did her son, Daniel. I was so excited! He loved nursery. It was a long day, but it was good. 

I was reminded this week of what it means to truly forget myself and give it all to the people here. One of our goals is to be in the homes of all the Spanish speaking members in the ward at least once a week. Yesterday, we were at a member's house who hasn't been to church in a few months. We were trying to get her to commit to coming to church. We can see how important it is for her to come to church so that she can renew her covenants, but we can't just force her to do anything. She mentioned that she had given up a lot to come here for her children. When she mentioned that she had left her job and her salon, I knew exactly what I had to do. I don't really like to get my hair cut and have only let Kamber cut it for the past few years, but after fighting with it for a few minutes I finally asked. "Do you like to cut hair? Would you cut my hair?" Hair is a little thing and it grows back, but this small thing meant a lot to this sister. She immediately brightened up ran to my side to run her hands through my hair. When I give all that I have, including the small desires that I have, Heavenly Father will be able to better use me to help the people here. I don't have a long time as a missionary, so with the time that I have, I will give it my all.

Love you all!

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