Tuesday, April 29, 2014

The 3rd of May!

April 22, 2014
May 3rd is the date Patricia chose to be baptized!

Karee and Sis Garcia

Can you believe the weather here? It snowed and was freezing cold and not even a week later it was perfect temperatures. I even got a little bit of a sunburn.

So exciting news! Patricia wants to get baptized!! We had been working with Patricia almost as long as we have been here. Starting of course with the inspiration to bake chocolate chip cookies with her. Since then she has really made progress and changed her attitude about a lot of things. She now spends more time downstairs with her mom and siblings. She is happier and smiles! She was talking with Sister Benitez one day and told her that she wanted to get baptized but didn't know what she needed to do. Sister Benitez said that she should talk to us... so she did! She choose the 3rd of May! (3 just happens to be my favorite number!) Since then she has been to church, met the branch president, started her personal progress (it just so happens that personal progress lines up well with the lessons), and met a few of the members.
Karee and Patricia

One day we were looking for someone that had previously visited the church and had even met with the missionaries. The record said that the woman had given them her address, but not the apartment number. We were determined to find her. So we started by knocking on a random door. No luck and the woman who answered was not interested, but suggested we knock on her neighbor's door. We went up the stairs and knocked on the first door. The woman who answered the door was a little surprised at first, but smiled and said, "sisters!" We weren't sure if she was a less-active member or had just had contact with missionaries before. We soon found that it was the latter. She is currently going through a hard time because her mom just passed away not too long ago. She invited us to come back to teach her son a lesson about the Savior. We weren't able to find the original woman that we were looking for, but Heavenly Father put someone in our way.

Easter Sunday just so happened to be stake conference. There were lovely musical preformances!

Painting Easter eggs

Daniella proud of her painted egg
There was a sense of excitement in Boston, as people from around the world gathered to show their support to the 37,000 (maybe more) runners. There were a few people that said that they were too afraid to go back to the finish line, but there were much more that were wanting to show their support. It was so much fun!
Fire hydrant that we saw along the way to the marathon.

Sister Garcia and I at the end of the whole thing. It is so amazing how these runners can last over 26 miles. I can't wait to do it!
Patricia and I standing in front of an empty road... the runners were going to run down the road, but we were at that part a little too early.
Karee has managed to teach all her companions how to fix their scarves this way. She saw a lady on the bus one time wearing like this.

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