Monday, April 14, 2014

Learning How to Dance and Cook

March 17, 2014
 We had family home evening at the home of a recent convert. We were trying to show them how to have family night. It was short and sweet ending with some delicious brownies :) Something that the Packards do is have a talent portion. So I decided to let this family start that tradition and we invited Daniella the 7 year old to show us a dance. She ended up picking a whole album to dance to so we tried to mix it up by having her teach us. Daniella was teaching me how to dance :)
 We have a potential from a part-member family that we want to start teaching, but we feel like we need to get a relationship with her first. She likes to bake so we made an appointment to make cookies with her. Daniella of course wanted to help and found herself playing a little more than baking. It reminded me of home when we make all that Christmas candy and sweets together.

 We were able to go to the temple on Wednesday to walk around outside after Return and report (for the trainers and the trainees)
Me making cookies with Daniella
Sister Garcia(Karee's companion) and Daniella

Sister Jimenez is our Relief Society President. We were just at her house last night interviewing her to get a better idea of how we can help her with the sisters in the branch. This lady never  stops. She made sure we had some food... even though we had just come from a dinner appointment, and then later showed us how she makes juice. Basically she just puts any kind of vegetable and fruit through her juicer and then mixes it together. She says that it is what keeps her going. I was feeling really tired before... I actually almost fell asleep when her daughter started to play with my hair, but I drank some of that and was wide awake! YUM!

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